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  1. nightoff

    Premature Hatchling

    I think my adult female tortoise stepped on an egg that I didn’t know about and perhaps spurred it to hatch. I found the hatchling among the pieces of shell and it is very small, 22 g, the shell is very soft and the plastron scoots are far from fusing. There is quite a bit of the yolk sac intact...
  2. nightoff

    Baby RFs Free to Good Homes in Florida

    I have 6 baby RF torts, 1 month to 5 months old, free to good homes. They are all oops babies that have been raised inside and outside in S. Florida. Contact me if interested in 1 or all. Attached is a photo of today’s “tortoise stack”, when I picked up the plastic dish they were hiding under...
  3. nightoff

    Is my redfoot juvenile a hybrid?

    I currently have six red foot babies/juveniles between the ages of one month and three months. One of the three-month-olds looks different than the other five. Is this difference a redfoot trait or do I have the genetics of perhaps a yellowfoot in the DNA somewhere? In the attached picture the...
  4. nightoff

    Too many hatchlings...

    So I have a male and a female that I used to let forage in the backyard together. I was aware that the female had laid a couple of small clutches of eggs and knew that I might eventually have a few hatchlings. I ended up consolidating three clutches together because one clutch was in her hide...
  5. nightoff

    How long until eggs show they are fertilized?

    My female redfoot dug a nest yesterday afternoon. I didn't dig it up to look to see if she actually laid anything until today. I saw her digging the hole and then came back a while later and she was busy covering the hole and packing the dirt back down. (It was so cute!) Anyway, she laid two...
  6. nightoff

    Encouraging Foraging Behavior/Exercise Using a Treat Dispenser

    I was wandering around a pet store yesterday, looking at various dog/cat toys, collars, food, and it occurred to me that maybe there is a health benefit to encouraging exercise in tortoises. Essentially simulating foraging behavior. I feed my torts in a couple alternating places in their...
  7. nightoff

    Please help with identification

    Does anyone know what type of tortoise/turtle this is? He/she is wild and was laying eggs in a friends yard. Ft Lauderdale area. Also, any idea on gestation length? Thanks
  8. nightoff

    Redfoot Aggression vs normal tortoise "bulldozing" behavior?

    I have a 3yo and a 7yo redfoot. They live in separate outdoor enclosures but on the weekends I sometimes put the 3yo in the 7yo's enclosure to roam around in a larger space. Today was the second time, that seemed to confirm, that the 3yo turned over the 7yo. I had observed in the past that the...
  9. nightoff

    Deep Shell Rot

    I live in South Florida and my year old red foot has a few spots of shell rot from a wet outdoor enclosure. I have her inside now until this issue clears up. Then I'll move her enclosure so it gets more sun for the winter. The issue is that I scraped off the white she'll rot and have been...
  10. nightoff

    At what age/size is a juvenile tortoise safe to live outside?

    I have a 6 month old redfoot (happy half birthday Zip!), who weighs 90grams and is about 3 inches long. Would she still be considered a hatchling or is she a juvenile? She still seems awfully small to have outside in South Florida 24hrs a day. I think my reluctance is that although it's not that...
  11. nightoff

    Baby RF biting me when hand feeding

    I have a question. I have noticed a few times that my baby RF will reach over the food I'm holding and purposely bite my finger. Obviously she's not intending to harm me as in attacking me but rather is trying to eat me as food. (complete with trying to rip a piece of my finger off : ). Any...
  12. nightoff

    Shell has gotten soft

    I have a two month old red foot that I've had since it was just a day or two old. (still had its egg tooth). I noticed her shell seemed to have more give on the bottom, all around and if I pinch on the sides where the top and bottom shells meet, there is a little give. It is definitely softer...
  13. nightoff

    What do your redfoots eat for protein?

    I had been feeding my year-old redfoot chicken or egg once a week. Then I switched to feeding her 6 moistened Masuri pellets once a week. Is this enough protein or do I need to feed more pellets or add another source? Do I need to worry about feeding her too much protein if it's only fed once a...
  14. nightoff

    Feeding Pulp from Juicing

    I was juicing apple beets and sweet red pepper this morning and was thinking that maybe I could feed my little girl some of the pulp. It's mostly fiber i figure. Does anybody have an opinion either way?
  15. nightoff

    Lawn weeds to avoid and sun question

    I live in South Florida and my little RF girl (I've only had her a week) seems to love grazing on the various weeds in the yard. No fertilizer or insecticides have been applied in more than a year so there are a lot of weeds and some crazy ants. Should I limit the amount or types of weeds that...