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  1. DanieltheAnvil

    The amazing Flipping Sulcatas!!

    kind of a funny story, though its a serious matter. My guys love to be outside, they get at least 30 minutes of wonderful florida sun each day minimum of wandering and grazing. I've noticed something funny though. if they spend longer than 30 minutes outside, within 5 minutes of being back...
  2. DanieltheAnvil

    My sully's favorite weed/flower but What is it?

    my sulcata Doolin has been eating this since he was born and loves it. I hadnt ever thought to check it out but when I tried, I couldnt even identify it. Amnyone have a clue on this Florida weed?
  3. DanieltheAnvil

    Cork and Doolin

    Working on getting these two little guys healthy and growing. They are such characters already!
  4. DanieltheAnvil

    dog bite.

    Hey guys just rescued a hatchling sulcata today. He is about 3 months and a month ago was biten by a chihuahua. Puncture on the plastron and a small crack on two outer scutes. They bith are healing and are closed up. The crack is barely noticeable. Anyone have an idea on how the recovery should...
  5. DanieltheAnvil

    doolin's new enclosure

    Doolin is a hatchling Sulcata and I'm excited to have him in my family! I switched out the storage tub, put in a new hide, new rock to run laps around, and re-postioned the grass pods.
  6. DanieltheAnvil

    27g at 3 months?

    hey guys. I just did my first weigh in with my sulcata. he looks heathly and eats regularly but After seeing toms post about weight I was super curious. I have had him for almost a month, supposedly he was born july 19th. I weighed my salt shaker on the counter and it was 87 grams and then I...
  7. DanieltheAnvil

    Anyone in the Tampa Florida area?

    Hey, I'm just south of Tampa and i'm looking to meet others who sahre some tortoise love! I have a sulcata and i'm looking to get more!
  8. DanieltheAnvil


    hey guys! I've had my hatchling for 2 weeks now. he is great but in those 2 weeks I've only seen him pee twice. I havent seen anything solid come out of him. He is finally eating in his enclosure but has always been a regular eater when out "grazing" for an hour or so outside. he has plenty...
  9. DanieltheAnvil

    Second sulcata hatchling in florida

    I'm looking for a second hatchling to go with the one I already have. I have a lot of space but I dont have a lot of tortoise haha. if you are in florida and have a hatchling or yearling, I'd be interested. thanks
  10. DanieltheAnvil

    Whats happening guys!

    Hey everyone my name is Daniel. I am an animal lover with a history of reptiles and dogs. I have a great dog named taylor and I just got a 2month old Sulcata named Doolin. Doolin is the name of an Irish town where you can find the tallest Cliffs in the world, the cliff of Moher. Since Sulcata...
  11. DanieltheAnvil

    funny eating habits.

    Hey guys hows it going? new to the site and this is my first post. I've been a reptile guy for awhile and now have a 2month Sulcata. He(unsure) wont eat while in his enclosure, but the minute he hits the backyard he is chowing down. I have a great set up. 50 gal plastic tub with a hot and...