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  1. DanieltheAnvil

    WalkingRock -VS- Old Nemisis

    Walking rock is still one of my favorite tortoises on this forum. He is so cool Sent from my SCH-I535 using TortForum mobile app
  2. DanieltheAnvil

    I love food!

    Awesome pic! such a cute little tortoise!
  3. DanieltheAnvil

    New indoor tort table for my RTs

    Great set up. thats a good amount of space.
  4. DanieltheAnvil

    Hi. New Tortoise owner.

    Welcome to the Forum. You came to the right place for info.
  5. DanieltheAnvil

    My 5 sullys

    Great looking group there. 5 is a lot but I can complain. I have 3
  6. DanieltheAnvil


    looks like you did a good job using that 100 to raise him for 13 months only cost you 95 dollars! hahah beautiful tort
  7. DanieltheAnvil

    Gilligan the 40yr African Sulcata says Hello from Arizona

    Great looking papa there! he is amazing!
  8. DanieltheAnvil

    Hello. . . Im new here. . . . .

    Welcome to the forum officially. Sorry to hear about squirt. He was a neat looking guy. [/align]
  9. DanieltheAnvil

    my first sulcata. a little help?

    Welcome to the forum! Definitely read the threads on the top of the sulcata section. Soaking everyday for atleast 30 minutes is very nessesary for a smooth shell. these guys are hatched in the rainy season so mother nature wants them wet for awhile. also a varied diet high in fiber is a good...
  10. DanieltheAnvil


    Talking and holding is a good way for them to get used to you. But be careful to not restrict their movements. let them go where they want to go. otherwise they could stress out. just being in plain sight of them a lot worked well for me. I'd pick mine up, carry them outside and then watch them...
  11. DanieltheAnvil


    Welcome to the forum.
  12. DanieltheAnvil

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to TFO. Cant wait to see your little guy/girl. Sulcatas are great. Read the threads at the top of the sulcata forum. they will really help you. Good luck.
  13. DanieltheAnvil

    New Sulcata came sick

    outside is always better I agree. I'm in the tampa area and this week though has been colder and humid. I'd still throw some type of warming element out there with them. especially as we get colder. next week its dropping to the 70's as a high. that was my point about the heat. but good luck...
  14. DanieltheAnvil

    New Sulcata came sick

    this is just my 2 cents and I'm sure much more knowledgable people will weigh in, but I would suggest getting your temps up all around. 85 is good but 90 is better and some sort of basking spot would help. night time should still be over 80 with limited moisture. I would assume getting dry...
  15. DanieltheAnvil

    lost sulcata

    Def a Happy Ending. i wonder how many people in NM lose a sulcata that the officer would be concerned that it WASNT yours. haha crazy skeptic I guess. Glad you got him back.
  16. DanieltheAnvil

    Dexter & Scully

    These guys look great! good luck with them. keep posting pics!
  17. DanieltheAnvil

    My sully's favorite weed/flower but What is it?

    Wow thanks sooo much! i'll look into it further and stop feeding it for now.
  18. DanieltheAnvil

    Are you all ex-situ?

    I see wild Gopher tortoises all the time. by all the time I mean a few times a year but more frequently then most. I love hiking and searching for wildlife so its fun when I get to see the big torts we have around here.
  19. DanieltheAnvil

    Shopping List Help

    temp and humidity gauges. I didnt see any in the pic but they are so important. oh wait I see that in your need list. good job.
  20. DanieltheAnvil

    Need Advice on Redfoot Turning Over

    Kathy, can you post a pic of your enclosure?