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  1. RosemaryDW

    Is this plantain?

    It’s horseweed. It’s grows to hideous proportions and is invasive so pull it when you can! Your tortoise might take a bite or two before deciding it’s yucky, it won’t hurt him.
  2. RosemaryDW

    poisonous flowers and plants to be avoided in garden.

    In California we don’t need to pot Jimson weed (another name for datura); it appears when we aren’t looking! It does have a sort of beauty but it was pointed out to me as dangerous when I was very young and I never see it without a bit of a red flag going off.
  3. RosemaryDW

    Can I feed stinging nettles

    Stinging nettles are fine to feed. My Russian won’t eat them so far but that’s okay. You can eat them like any other greens; the prickles lose their sting after a minute in boiling water. You can add them to a pizza or make soup. They taste like spring time. :) Not to interfere with Will’s...
  4. RosemaryDW

    Ready for hibernation to end!

    I’m guessing you’ve never had a Russian lol. I was looking at what has grown back since last year—with so little rain—and thinking how little of it will make it through the first month.
  5. RosemaryDW

    Awake from hibernation

    Best time of year. Enjoy!
  6. RosemaryDW

    Need help with weed identification

    Yvonne is correct. The last photo could be filaree, hard to say. The one above that with the heart shapes is definitely sheperd’s purse. It’s in the brassica family/safe in moderation.
  7. RosemaryDW

    Ready for hibernation to end!

    I am expecting to bring my tortoise out of hibernation in the next ten days or so. My Russian is destuctive! Last year she climbed over/thru most of the plants we‘d put wire fencing around so my husband is walling off some fragile plants this galvanized metal edging. I don’t think it’s tall...
  8. RosemaryDW

    Something wrong or living his best life?

    He’s a reptile. If he sees the sun going down, so will he. Especially as he grew up taking those cues in his native home.
  9. RosemaryDW

    Waking up my hibernating Russian tortoise

    Welcome! Russians are tough but they don’t get active until things warm up. If his weight is relatively stable let him be. My Russian went down October 29, earlier than I’d like but it is what is. I’d like to bring her out of the fridge at four months. Cold isn’t an issue here but if the...
  10. RosemaryDW

    Be careful of this plant

    Are you sure that’s what it is? If it stings (a lot) it’s probably stinging nettle; safe in moderation. They look very similar but only one stings. My Russian doesn’t care for it but humans can eat it...
  11. RosemaryDW

    Russian tortoise and aloe vera?

    My Russian won’t eat it and she’s not picky. Not even a taste.
  12. RosemaryDW

    India Florida Broad Leaf Mustard

    All the mustards are safe in moderation.
  13. RosemaryDW

    Turnip greens?

    You will be able to cut leaves off any turnip that roots itself, as suggested, and it will grow more pretty quickly. But not enough to keep your redfoot in style. :) Turnips and radishes are ridiculously easy to grow from seed. As in practically overnight. They are both cool weather plants so...
  14. RosemaryDW

    Opium Poppy

    Agreed. As much variety as you can provide, everything in moderation. I do study plants that aren’t familiar to me but there are relatively few that I absolutely would not feed or encourage, as least not for something in the testudo genus of tortoises.
  15. RosemaryDW

    Opium Poppy

    I’m going with a mustard of some kind, which easily reseeds, it’s a safe food. I don’t think it’s an opium/Oriental poppy, their leaves can run more gray than green and as Yvonne already mentioned, the leaf pattern is different. Poppies also reseed easily so if you’re worried just wait a...
  16. RosemaryDW

    Russian Tortoise Feeding Frequency?

    Welcome! Don’t feel at all bad for feeding grocery foods in winter, just keep it as varied as you can, giving some of the good things mentioned above. To round things out I am known to buy just a couple okra from the grocery store; it might feel odd but the cashiers don’t care and it’s a great...
  17. RosemaryDW

    The Tortoise Chef

    I don’t think sulcatas or Hermans should be eating bell peppers regularly, they are pretty high in sugar. Did you get that feeding advice from this forum? I’m no sulcata expert so I will hope an experienced owner will speak up.
  18. RosemaryDW

    Hibernation worries

    Welcome! You can see he is a little dry from all the ridges he already has on his shell. Normally a captive raised tortoise will have a much smoother shell. It hasn’t hurt him but you want to correct the humidity as mentioned above. Lots of people in the UK use a grow tent as shown above. You...
  19. RosemaryDW


    You can get them from Carolina Pet Supply if you want to go with a known vendor:
  20. RosemaryDW

    Certain weed

    They will; that’s a young plant and the leaf shapes will change as newer leaves come in. They will get bumpier. Look close at those little hairs sticking out. Of course you shouldn’t feed anything you’re not comfortable with; you can wait for it to get bigger to confirm.