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  1. Christine&Callidus

    Foot defect

    Today I saw a little hatchling with a foot defect. Wanted to share for interest sake... (s)he walks fine, eats, is active and curious. It’s not mine but wanted to share, it was only the right back foot and everything else seemed pretty normal :)
  2. Christine&Callidus

    Shell growth concern

    Hi there, my little Leopard Tortoise’s shell is starting to grow but not uniformly.. is this normal? See attached photo- the back left (but still on top) does not yet have growth lines between the segments..
  3. Christine&Callidus

    New Keeper Here

    Hi there! I’m also a new owner of a little leopard tort hatchling.. he/she is a month old now.. the enclosure I’ve set up is soil with grass growing in it and some thyme which she (I just have a feeling it’s a she ) loves to eat.. then I used eucalyptus mulch in her little hut where she...