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  1. ascott

    I do pop in from time to time....tonight I have a chance and am trying to figure out the new...

    I do pop in from time to time....tonight I have a chance and am trying to figure out the new format from when I was last here.....
  2. ascott

    Tortoise aggression

    If the tort associates you with food then what you describe is expected. If you are reaching into the enclosure and placing food and the tort gets in the habit of this thing that delivers food, it may then begin to do what you describe...and feed, well those can be wiggling toes or bright yummy...
  3. ascott

    Russian confused??

    I would also advise that you spend some time researching this species and all parts of its natural life cycle, which in this species, includes winter down time (hibernation).
  4. ascott

    Hermanns won't eat when it rains?

    Hermanns are a species that can and do perhaps since the tort is outdoors now--it is catching some external/environmental triggers that is causing the appetite to change, activity may also change....some torts begin to do what they are drawn to do as they, I am not...
  5. ascott

    Tortoise Rehydration Concentrate

    I agree....when I look at the sugar content for each of the ingredients in the amounts indicated--that is alot of sugar content and the added salt, well, that is also questionable....then on top of the sugar & honey add of the baby food with that sugar, some of us use and or do...
  6. ascott

    New and Looking for Identification Help

    In addition to offering hydration which is important...that tort is underweight...which means likely poor diet--which will also contribute to offer up as much food as the tort will eat...I also would plan to ATTEMPT to keep the tort awake during the winter vs letting it...
  7. ascott

    Desert tortoise pictures needed for Sulcata care guide!

    Super different...every time I see those those eyes I fall in love with this species all over again....mmm, gorgeous.
  8. ascott

    Soil turning to sticky mud

    It is a tortoise....mud don't hurt. Just make sure there is a part of the space that is dry and warm so that the tort can go there to dry out and once that happens it will eventually work the mud off if it wants to :)
  9. ascott

    Popeyes chicken sandwich anyone?

    Ditto and at the two near out place, too many rat traps around the places...eww...
  10. ascott

    Tortoise Habitat Advice

    Oh and I would not remove the Aloe mentioned before, it is likely one local for coolness and I would not remove that....nor would I block off their access to it....but I also would quickly divid the space and then offer up a great deep shade spot for the tort that is not located in...
  11. ascott

    Tortoise Habitat Advice

    Why do you believe you have two females? It is unusual to get yours hands on a female (not that it can not happen, just unlikely) let alone two. What is the proof of both females? Now, with that nagging question off of my tongue. Whether you have males or females, pairing in general is not a...
  12. ascott

    He always spills his water!

    Yeah, what he said....especially the sand thing....
  13. ascott

    how to differentiate a sulcata from Sonoran Desert tortoise

    I know you have already rehomed one....but if these two Desert Torts occupied the same space at the same time for any length of will absolutely have ended up with one larger and or one growing faster than the other....this is a species that is absolutely a species that should not be...
  14. ascott

    how to differentiate a sulcata from Sonoran Desert tortoise

    There is "generally" an average size for most species of tortoise...but also playing into the size is the genes of that particular tortoise....and that can offer up a variation that can offer up a larger/smaller individual creature. If the tortoise is eating, hydrating and mobile and is acting...
  15. ascott

    Popeyes chicken sandwich anyone?

    Uh, it looks like it is hunk of chicken on a bun....I believe I have seen a place or two perform this sorcery
  16. ascott

    Yea! It's Angela's Birthday!! ♫ ♪ ♫

    Thank you all :)-
  17. ascott

    Red Footed tortoise breath in some thing.

    Has the tortoise worked it out?
  18. ascott

    Constipated with Rocks

    Super long long long soaks are super helpful and will offer up results :)
  19. ascott

    Crickets/Roaches/Grasshoppers getting into enclosure

    Oh also, does the tortoise have a burrow or a cool hide/burrow to retreat to during the day? If yes, remember other critters will also like to enjoy that, like lizards, snakes and black widows (so be cautious when reaching into those cool dark places--especially during the summer months), while...
  20. ascott

    Crickets/Roaches/Grasshoppers getting into enclosure

    Likely they are interested due to the desirable set up in the know, dry desert vs more Oasis type setting you likely have for the, they will not cause harm to the tortoise. Now with that being said, crickets can bite and they can and do eat one another and if...