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  1. wellington

    Cake tortoise

    Could you cut it and eat it? It's not a video. I couldn't get the pic without the arrow
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    Plant weed ID app

    I don't use it as my torts yards are all set. But has lots of good reviews. Just take a picture of what you want ID'd Available for Apple too.
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    Be sure to give all the info you can think of. Just asking for help my tortoise is sick, not acting right, hides alot, etc does nothing for us to be able to help. Give the following info every time: Species of tortoise. Size and age. Temps-basking, all over and night. Humidity. Type of heating...
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    Rare turtle found

    Sorry can't get the link to copy
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    Can Anyone ID this weed?

    I have a big patch of it growing. Tortoises nor chickens seem to want too eat it. @Kapidolo Farms @Yvonne G and anyone else that knows plants.
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    Hatchling price for 1 1/2 year old clutch mates and hatched by me. Owners life changes has made them needing to sell. As the breeder I'm helping to find good homes. They have been raised closed chamber their whole life. 150.00 each plus shipping or 250.00 for both plus shipping. Must be...
  8. wellington

    Suspicion of a scammer

    we can not do anything about a member that is suspicious of being a scammer without real proof that they indeed throughout the tortoise world is known to have scammed people. The best thing to do is too warn the OP's of the threads the suspected scammer is posting on. It's the duty of the...
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    I probably won't be on TFO

    Until after Christmas. So I want too Wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas! Be safe if you travel.
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    Always great meeting forum members

    Got a visit from Ben Awes today. Very nice person and so easy to talk too. If you ever get a chance to meet a forum member take it. Ben was number 6 for me to meet in person and they all have been very enjoyable visits.
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    Several popular brands of dry dog food have up to 70 times the safe levels of vitamin D and could kill dogs who eat them, the Food and Drug Administration warned Monday. “Excess vitamin D in the diet can cause vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling...
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    Hope everyone has a fun, happy, delicious and safe holiday.
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    Urine smell control-Sweet PDZ?

    Anyone use Sweet PDZ? It's sold for horses. I'd like to use it for my tortoises shed. Once winter really gets started here, it's hard to clean out and switch up substrate. I spot clean the poop but eventually the urine smell can start stinking due to the heat and heat lights of the shed...
  15. wellington

    Falling Back In Time

    Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour if you live in one of "those" areas! Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!
  16. wellington

    Vacuum sealing bags for winter preservation

    Has anyone tried using those bags that you use your vacuum to suck the air out for preserving grasses, weeds, etc, for winter feeding? I used the food vacuum sealer before and it worked good but the machine started to fail way too quickly. I went through two of them before giving up. Then it...
  17. wellington

    PlantSnap APP

    Has anyone used it? Your suppose to be able to just take a picture of the plant, flowers, trees and more. The App instantly ID's it. I'm going to try it. It's suppose to be free to down load.
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    Fall/cooler weather and shorter days are moving in. Every year the forum gets flooded with concerned members, worried because their tort is sleeping more, hiding more, not eating as much. Chances are it's the change of the time of year. We usually see this flood of it happening about 3 times...
  19. wellington

    New Show "Scaled"

    On Animal Planet about reptiles. Starting Friday night the 24th I believe.
  20. wellington

    If Romaine Is mostly water

    How is it that manatees are fed so much of it in captivity even through rehabbing and thrive?