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  1. ascott

    Laughlin....super excited the season for Laughlin is near :)

    okay so I know this is nothing to do with our shelled buddies....but I AM SOOOOO EXCITED THAT THE LAUGHLIN SEASON IS APPROACHING (I wonder if the CDTs sleeping in my closet are also kinda doing their countdown too?)....yay, Laughlin :)-
  2. ascott

    Warby Parker glasses anyone? my eye have caught up with my 51 years and I now have to wear glasses for the first time...yay me. So, I want to get a few pairs of glasses and I was wanting to know....have anyone purchased from this company? Was the 95.00 dollar awesome glasses, really that awesome?
  3. ascott

    Who loves Laughlin Nv...gambling for fun ?

    So, tomorrow going to head towards Laughlin....taking a week off of work and plan to slip into the flip flops....drop a few bucks on gambling....relax a bit in the room and river...anyone else love the Laughlin Casino get away?
  4. ascott

    Ozzy and Jack's World Detour

    Anyone watch this ?
  5. ascott

    Evel Knievel Special

    Anyone else watching this.....On the History Channel in California right now....
  6. ascott

    Screaming Goats on You Tube...

    So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch, listen to the goats holler like maniacs on you tube....anyone else....?
  7. ascott

    Cemmons 12

    Hey has anyone seen Chris??????
  8. ascott

    Will a Tortoise Die if He's On His Back?

    A tortoise roll over is not only undignified but can be hazardous to the tortoise....their guts can press against their lungs when rolled over, this can create difficulty in breathing....if they are full of food they can choke up food which can be ingested into their lungs which is...
  9. ascott

    anyone like "Billy on the Street"...on Tru Tv

    I love love love this guy....anyone else like him?
  10. ascott

    One of the men folk up about at your place?

    Well, today was the day the first man down was the first man about the end of Sept to first week of Oct 2015 Haus snuck down into his natural dug burrow before I could get him and box him up for winter....this is the second year in a row that he has done this....and today I was out...
  11. ascott

    Just because folks are asking for opinions; brumation aka hiberation This thread was a result of folks trying to decide if they should bromate or not...that always nagging question. I am not lecturing anyone here...just offering up some insight on the subject when asked before...
  12. ascott

    Wise guy....but thankful all worked out

    So, yesterday morning at 10am..I made my way through the yard...leaving cat food in the bowl for whichever neiborhood cats depend on it..then pour out two cups of wild bird seed on the two feeding mountains (up a bit higher than the surrounding ground so the cats can't sneak up on them)..then...
  13. ascott

    Found..200 lb sulcata near hemet ca..for info call..

    Hi all...apparently a 200 pound sulcata decided to take a walk and was found walking about in Hemet..after some wrangling the wayward tortoise is being held at San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus @ 951-358-7387...
  14. ascott

    Care in Captivity I always like to share good reference pieces...while all pieces may not be perfect in all geographic locals or in individual set ups...good pieces of information are always a benefit to a library...
  15. ascott

    Coolest surprise gift .....

    This is the coolest surprise I have received....I absolutely love the perfect face on this little beauty...he is resting comfortably on my mantle....thank you and I hope the other party (and you know who you are) does not mind me sharing this unique, perfect guy....
  16. ascott

    filter/pump question

    So Yvonne, I have here a pump from a kids ring top pool...the pump I believe pushes 1000 gallons per hour....I wonder if this can be rigged up with a trash can as the filter for a pond that is about 200 gallons....what is your take on that? I am planning to do an indoor pond for the two red ear...
  17. ascott

    Just silly....
  18. ascott

    Okay, it is that time again...just for fun ....
  19. ascott

    The tortoise, from the outside in....interesting for reference
  20. ascott

    Veterans Day free meal offers and restaurant listings