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  1. Tom

    Mulberry Tree Cultivation Attempt #2

    Last year I attempted to grow some new mulberry trees from cuttings. It didn't work at all. Not one of them grew at all, despite following all of the info I found on you tube. I'm trying again this year, on a smaller scale with some changes. Thought I'd share the changes with you. I planted the...
  2. Tom

    Need Another ID

    Can anyone help me ID this one?
  3. Tom

    Who Wants a Dozen Burmese Stars?

    I'm having a great year for platynota. I've gotten 100% hatch rates from 4 out of 5 clutches, and many more are incubating now and due to hatch soon. All of them are particularly robust and healthy this year too. All are eating everything in sight, growing well and thriving. I have babies from...
  4. Tom

    How Do Babies Spend Their Time?

    For over a decade, I've been advocating the "monsoon" style of raising babies. Even for species that are reported to come from drier areas. In multiple side-by-side comparisons with clutch mates, it is overwhelmingly obvious that all babies of all tortoise species benefit from daily soaks, humid...
  5. Tom

    South Florida Plant

    Can anyone ID this one?
  6. Tom

    Young Sulcata Looking For A New Home

    A friend of mine has come to the difficult decision that giving her tortoise up for adoption would be the best thing for him. This guy has been vey well cared for, soaked daily and living in a large closed chamber. He's been fed a huge variety of weeds and leaves and all kinds of good foods...
  7. Tom

    Ground Hatched Sudan Sulcatas

    These guys hatched around the end of October. I missed a nest and these incubated and hatched on their own in the ground. Here they are the day we found them: Here they are getting a little sunshine on a warm winter day: All cleaned up after a soak: Time for them to go to their new...
  8. Tom

    African Hibiscus

    A friend gave me some seeds 10 years ago, and I've been planting and growing this ever since. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this species and other hibiscus. I thought I'd share what I've learned in an effort to clear some of the confusion, and sing its praises. First and...
  9. Tom

    Signs of bullying in young tortoises

    'Following' is a form of "mad dogging". Cuddling and sleeping in the same area is a form of trying to crowd the other out of the territory. Does one or both sit on the food? That's another one. Outward, obvious hostility like biting, ramming, or flipping seldom happens with juveniles. The...
  10. Tom

    Summer Stars

    My Burmese Stars usually lay in winter. For some reason they decided to lay in summer this year too. I'm not going to complain! :) For those who don't know, this species is functionally extinct. They are not "endangered". They are EXTINCT in the wild. What we breed in captivity is all that is...
  11. Tom

    Hypothetical Breeding Question

    A recent thread from a new member that was interested in breeding made me think of this question. We all know its illegal to breed DTs and told this new member so. We all know if they somehow accidentally get together and breed that its illegal to interfere with the eggs in any way. We are...
  12. Tom

    Purple Flowers

    Anyone know what this one is?
  13. Tom

    Sex This Manouria?

    I'm not familiar enough with this species to call this one with any certainty. The anal scutes tell me no tale. Tail is medium, not short, not long. No concavity to the plastron. I'm guessing female, but I'd like someone with more Manouria experience to confirm. This Mee tortoise is about 10...
  14. Tom

    Incubation Experiment

    The South African leopards are notoriously difficult to hatch artificially. I've been trying different things for years with little success. New info has come to light this year, and I'm trying a bunch of different things. I'm doing different cooling regimes for breaking diapause. Different...
  15. Tom

    Tecoma stans

    Does anyone have experience with this plant and tortoises? I saw it growing in some tortoise pens and it tolerates my extreme climate very well. Its not really clear if its toxic or not, or even better, if its edible. If its not toxic this plant would be a great way for me to add vegetation to...
  16. Tom

    Sudan Sulcatas (This never gets old...)

    My very first clutch of true 100% pure Sudan sulcatas is now hatching. I don't care how many times I see this, it just never gets old. I dig up the eggs carefully place them in my prepared shoe boxes, watch the temperature in the incubator and tend to them for months, and then... When that...
  17. Tom

    Got a Double

    Never had this happen before:
  18. Tom

    What I Fed My Tortoise Today...

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread where people can post what their tortoise(s) get fed each day. So many members ask for feeding advice and ideas that I thought we could link this thread as an example of what to feed. I've gotten new ideas and inspiration from so many other tortoise...
  19. Tom

    Potato Peels

    My wife and I just peeled 10 pounds of potatoes. It seems a shame to throw those away. Anyone have any reason I couldn't put these in a bucket, mix them up with a bunch of greens, dried leaves, and re-hydrated grass hay pellets and make a meal of them for my tortoises? Certainly not something...
  20. Tom

    Tortoises On Fake Grass?

    Anyone have experience with this? It seems like a bad idea to me. I'd be worried about the tortoise eating the fake grass. Maybe they'd recognize its not food and leave it alone? Wondering if any one has tried this and what the observations are?