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    Tortoise stuck on back - desperate for an help

    Welcome to the forum. More information & photos would be helpful. What species is your tort? How big is your garden & is it enclosed? What is in your garden that your tort is climbing & is there a wall it is trying to crawl over? Like I say, more info would be helpful.
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    My dog and tortoise

    Welcome to the forum. I think if you read thru various threads, the general consensus on the forum is that it is better for your tort's health & well-being to keep dogs away from your tort. There are lots of pictures of shell damage done by dogs to tortoises even by the most trusted dog...
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    tortoise going camping

    You misunderstood sarcasm meant. I moved to Oregon from Fresno Calif. 15 years ago. Since then...every year I drive animals from Corvallis Oregon to Clovis Calif. 800 miles one way, generally 2 or 3 times a year. And bring animals back. I took a bird to San Benito Texas and brought back...
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    And when elephants pee, it sounds like somebody's taking a shower.
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    What a beauty!! I'd be going "Mom, can I keep him?" But I know better now. You're an awesome brief encounter!!
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    There are no words

    No, sadly not in today's envronment. But I'm all for an eye-for-an-eye in the absence of law & order.
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    Well, take it as a compliment. He probably thinks you're hot!!
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    New owner of THREE Red-Footed Tortoises

    Good. I puppy sit my 2 nephews, miniature schnauzers, & no way Jose would i let them ANYWHERE near a tort if I had one. I luv them but they luv chasing rabbits & my cats.
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    The adventures of Link

    Good kitty...stay far, far away from Linc!!
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    Am ready to march w/trash can lids clashing. We just have some mismatch problems with prosecutors vs. criminals vs. victims.
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    New owner of THREE Red-Footed Tortoises

    Torts & puppy dogs are not a good thing. There are all kinds of threads on the forum about dogs chewing up torts. I'd read a little.
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    Article in July/August Issue of "REPTILES" Magazine

    I so enjoy your observations & your interactions with your torts. Congrats to you!!
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    In the neighborhood I lived in, a couple of people put up little wood cabinets with the theme, "Take one. Drop one off." But like you, I realized no one wants to read books written in the 90's on murder mysteries. Fortunately, I discovered a bunch I hadn"t read in 25 yrs in packing to move, so...
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    I will say that in today's environment, the DA's opinion is going to be even if the thieves are caught, he/she will not prosecute.
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    Hello I'm new and looking for answers

    He/she's a cutie. I'm awful at guessing, & your tort might be too young to tell yet. Since this was started as someone else's thread, you might want to post this in a new thread as a new question.
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    Hello I'm new and looking for answers

    Welcome to the forum. The proper care sheet mentioned up in comment #6 is what you should read and cone back & ask questions. You can hopefully stop the "pyramiding" by implementing the care mentioned throughout the sheet & hopefully stop further pyramiding in your tort in the future. Please...
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    Aun't nuttin' going to keep you put of that corner!!
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    Since he's barely aware of much, not surprising. IMHAO.
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    So sad & disgusting. There is no reason for this assault on the tort or its owner. And to then have your tort run over by its would-be kidnappers is the worst. I can only hope Karma will get these guys & soon!!
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    Do I return this found tortoise?

    Can't wait to see what you put on him when he's 7 yrs old. Great idea!!