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  1. J

    Making A New Tortoise Yard

    NICE! You will have room for even more 'friends'!
  2. J

    Tortoise Sanctuary in Florida?

    Try this - take Squirt to your vet and get the vet to write a note that Squirt is an 'Emotional Support Animal'. Worth a try. If your vet won't do it, call another. That WILL hold up in Florida. Certainly worth a try. Also, look into whether you are grandfathered in since you've had Squirt...
  3. J

    Fort Pierce State Park. Florida.

    Nice size Gopher. Not many with light coloring like that. They are very docile and amazing creatures. Used to be thick as fleas before all the development.
  4. J

    Free tortoise houses, south FLORIDA

    Zero - those are the ones on your youtube vid, is that correct? If so, interested parties can look there to see 'em.
  5. J

    Enclosure Help South Florida.... Will Hire

    Soup - that's a neat name! I'm in a condo-villa association in FL as well. I plan on building an outside enclosure in the back that will be approx. 30 to 50 sf. We are permitted to plant to 3 feet out from the wall, so that's how far out I plan to go and utilize a corner to make an 'L' shape...
  6. J

    Article in July/August Issue of "REPTILES" Magazine

    Very cool! I'll be sure to get a copy! Well done!
  7. J

    Which Are 'Friendly' ?

    In my searches and readings, I remember running across a description of one species of tortoise that is very even tempered, not prone to bullying or fighting and gets along with others of it's kind in the same enclosure. Of course, I cannot find that article! So, any pearls of wisdom here...
  8. J

    Advice on lost tortoise

    Curious - how far did your Leopard go in the few days he/she was missing? Did you figure out how he escaped? BTW - Great to hear you found your buddy!
  9. J

    Just A Few Questions... Questions That Need Answering!

    LMAO !!! The 'cat' is a leopard - right?
  10. J

    Buying at a show

    This is GREAT info. Thank you for the advice!
  11. J

    Tortoise Plants For Florida Reference

    A Florida Guide To Gopher Tortoise Friendly Plants Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission I was researching tortoise friendly plants and came across this article. It is a thorough, clearly written piece that includes a food value for the plants. It also has listings for various...
  12. J


    Thought you were kidding until the second pix ! LMAO !! How would have thought... And I thought Redfoots (Redfeet - ?) were supposed not to be diggers or escape artists - WTH??
  13. J

    Buying at a show

    Never been to a Repticon show before and am planning to visit the one coming here to Sarasota later this month. May not be ready to acquire my new friend yet, but will do a lot of looking and learning. At these shows, are there primarily vendors / suppliers, or are there breeders present as...
  14. J

    Hi From Sarasota, FL

    Yeah - I'm a silver haired holdout boomer that doesn't know how to grow up. Have a t-shirt that says 'Still Plays With Cars'. Need one that says "Still Plays With Tortoises' !! :tort::tort::tort:
  15. J

    Mulch and more mulch...

    Thank you - great info! Looks like Cypress mulch is the way to go. Fortunately, readily available and reasonable in cost.
  16. J

    Safe Plant List By State?

    is there any sort of info about tortoise safe plants listed by state? Maybe even a list by tort species? I saw one from the UK, but that is not applicable here. There is a massive difference in plants that grow in the various zones. in FL we have mostly weeds. This is according...
  17. J

    Mulch and more mulch...

    I'm in commercial landscape and have access to several types of mulch substrates. I assume that the more natural and unprocessed, the better. No dyes, fertilizer, milorganite, etc. Cypress mulch has been discussed and approved here quite a bit. How about other types of mulch, such as...
  18. J

    What species would thrive outside in Florida?

    Hey Cel. Can't answer your question, but can advise on where in Florida is a great place to live. Try the west coast from south of Tampa to Venice. I'm a native and have lived all over the state...this is my favorite by far!
  19. J

    Another 'can this tortoise live here' post...

    Trying to get creative so as not to bore you all... So, would it be possible or even likely that any of the smaller species of tortoise could live in an outdoor enclosure happily ever after here in hot, humid Florida? I am limited in space - available areas would likely be 2.5' wide x 10-15'...
  20. J

    Do I return this found tortoise?

    I agree - ask questions and make sure the post clearly identifies that tortoise. Here in FL, we have a lot of lost birds and often the finder make a post about finding a bird. Seems just as often, everybody has lost a bird! Just sayin' !