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  1. William Lee Kohler

    Ken Foose

    Of Las Vegas Exotics has died. This is all the info I have which came from a Vegas news outlet. I have 3 Spekes Hingeback Tortoises from him that I got April of 2017. They came in good health and still light up my life. He was a good and reputable dealer in my experience. I hope his...
  2. William Lee Kohler

    Help with powdered electrolyte recommendation

    Pedialyte liquid for daily soaks of stubborn eaters is getting EXPENSIVE. There are so many powdered cheaper alternatives I give up in frustration every time I try to compare them generally falling asleep. Soaking in Pedialyte and babyfood carrots with some H20 added to raise water level and...
  3. William Lee Kohler

    Possibly bogus angulata seller

    6/22 Virginia seller on Faunaclassifieds lists angulata for sale $3621. Comments below ad said pics same as different Florida seller and gave link. Sure enough same exact pics but listing a pair and no price. Sent second seller inquiry why someone else using their pics and what was the price...
  4. William Lee Kohler

    Tortoise sellers?

    These 5 dealers have shown Hingeback Tortoises for sale and I'd like to know if anybody has had good or bad experience with any of them? Thanks for any response. 1.Underground Reptiles 2.Backwater Reptiles 3.Tortoise Town 4.Snakes at Sunset 5.HaHa Reptiles
  5. William Lee Kohler

    Bowsprits for sale

    For several days there have been 2 Bowsprits for sale on Price ot $2500 each seems exhorbitant to me and likely reason they havn't moved yet.. Is this out of line?
  6. William Lee Kohler

    Information please. Doing a search for rarer tortoise sellers I ran across this link that showed suppliers in Uganda and possibly Cameroon for less common Kinixys Sp. I sent a message asking about these outfits reliability and care of their animals and no answer as yet. Does...