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  1. William Lee Kohler

    Facebook groups

    Can't say I really disagree with much of this but after seeing this several times I have connected up with 3 great and a 4th good Hingeback forums on facebook. I despise facebook for several reasons but unfortunately this is where these groups landed so mohamed goes to the mountain. Some of us...
  2. William Lee Kohler

    Galapagos tortoises care guide?

    Why not just go to the San Diego Zoo and ask them? They are experts after all.
  3. William Lee Kohler

    Is there a substrate with no smell??

    Why not just let her stay in your room while she visits?
  4. William Lee Kohler

    Building a Closed Chamber

    One thing to consider: As fast as little ones grow and as big as they get this chamber will need to be huge or won't be good for any more than a couple years at most.
  5. William Lee Kohler

    Rescue Hingeback, Deirdre

    I have to wonder if she has been denied this in the past and instinctively is making up for this UV "starvation" now that she has it available? (I wrote this before I saw you were on the same thought track) Great minds and all that.
  6. William Lee Kohler

    Treating a scrape/cut on a super shy rescued sulcata?

    Never did see a pic of the wound. Just along drawn out wrangle about food.
  7. William Lee Kohler

    The Desert to the Tropics hatchling care

    Keep in a controlled environment INSIDE where it won't be 90-100 degrees.
  8. William Lee Kohler

    Hole getting bigger on Opo's shell.

    That would be just like the paint they used to put on baby turtles and keep that area from growing naturally.
  9. William Lee Kohler

    Radiated Hatchling expected grow

    I'd agree please give the little one his own domain and with excellent care see if it doesn't take off and catch up with the others. The plants in that set up are pothos. Put them in flower pots so they don't get up rooted by the critters and use potting mix with no pumice, vermiculite or...
  10. William Lee Kohler

    The chamber is here!

    Mostly good to hear that. Not sure about Hermans temp needs but do wonder if they'll need to spend too much time warming up to digest well or want to eat? Not making light the CHE can keep things warm all day long. One thing to always beware of is cool/cold temps and dampness/high humidity are...
  11. William Lee Kohler

    The chamber is here!

    You've got the 3' UVB so what do you even need the extra 2 LEDs for anyway? That temps way too high and in my opinion they need to go. As long as you have a ceramic heat emitter and thermostat to keep temp from getting too low you don't need them. I was also led to believe LEDs run even...
  12. William Lee Kohler

    What breed

    I had the same thought. Have never seen a Sulcata that highly domed. The rear marginals made me think possibly Leopard and Sulcata but there's no patterning for either radiata or pardalis. Interesting that the only Aldabra trait seems to be the high shell dome.
  13. William Lee Kohler

    Help! White ring on shell.

    That's new growth. Growth slows down or nearly completely stops in adult reptiles of all kinds but may continue in a very slow and intermittent manner.
  14. William Lee Kohler

    Help! White ring on shell.

    Any chance you can give us a clear pic of it? Close up is best.
  15. William Lee Kohler

    Identification help

    Do they all have 4 claws/toes up front?
  16. William Lee Kohler

    Help! White ring on shell.

    Their main body may slow down greatly growing but nails and beaks keep growing just like peoples nails do.
  17. William Lee Kohler

    Question about a red foot that is living in my yard?!?

    Well Maggie, since you brought it up I'm in for a free meal(or just friendly company).
  18. William Lee Kohler

    In Memoriam

    Now awful to even imagine this. So very sorry for your animal family and for you.
  19. William Lee Kohler

    Question about a red foot that is living in my yard?!?

    Honestly! Those white spots look just like where keratin has been scraped off by contact with something like rock or cement blocks. I think a fungus diagnosis is just plain nuts and overreacting.