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  1. TammyJ

    I am back...kind of...

    Yes, I have been absent for a few weeks due to the COVID-19 stuff happening around us. Like loss of work and income, etc. etc. But I am sort of back, slowly getting into things here yall watch out as you know how annoying I can be!!!:rolleyes:
  2. TammyJ


    Does anyone here know if its on the list of edibles for tortoises at all? Bougainvilla flowers. I have so much of it around.
  3. TammyJ

    Flat-tail tortoises

    Can someone please post some pictures and descriptions of these tortoises? Is the tail really "flat"? I am curious as I don't know what they look like.
  4. TammyJ

    Here we are again exploring...

    Io and Callisto checking out the scene outdoors...and a grasshopper bums a ride on Io's shell.
  5. TammyJ

    Hurricane Michael? Anyone here experience it?

    Hey guys, was watching Michael tear up North West Florida and wondered if anyone here has any stories about this storm to tell or if they do, what are they? It was a real horror of a hurricane especially for Panama City and other nearby coastal places.
  6. TammyJ

    Pet tortoises in Hawaii.....volcano???

    I am thinking of the volcanoes in Hawaii and hoping that anyone on this site who lives there is OK, and their pets. It's pretty awful.
  7. TammyJ

    Hurricane Harvey coming to Texas!!!

    Hey, you all watch out for Harvey, headed for the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond! Dangerous hurricane, no mistake about that....batten down, get out, take care of your families and pets! Very best of good luck and keep safe! Believe me, I know from hurricanes. No joke.
  8. TammyJ

    Can they Climb up a rough vertical block?

    Would my one year and 4 months old redfoots be able to climb straight up a vertical concrete block for any distance? Their outdoor pen wall is made of 2 rows of concrete blocks forming an enclosure against a wall and fence.
  9. TammyJ

    What is this Turtle? ID please!

    Hey guys, take a look at this little darling and let me have your ID. I will see if my opinion matches yours! I can't upload another shot for some reason, but he has three parallel light colored stripes along his carapace from behind his head going back to his tail. And his plastron is...
  10. TammyJ

    Cuttle Bone of Contention

    Following advice on this site, I have given my redfoots cuttlebone since I got them a year and 2 months ago. There is always a piece of cuttlebone in their enclosure, although I really don't see them making much of it. Now and then I grater a bit of it and sprinkle it on their food. Now I...
  11. TammyJ

    Bucking Big Bully

    Well, it has happened as I was warned it would. My redfoots are now around 15 months old and I have been keeping them together from I got them last April. All seemed OK but I was watching them carefully, and this morning I saw the slightly bigger one bullying the other one when they were in...
  12. TammyJ

    Has this site been hacked?????

    In the "General Tortoise Discussion" I am seeing a lot of the list of posts in some strange writing like Chinese????? Please check it!!!!!
  13. TammyJ

    Desperate Condition!

    One of the pet shops here in Jamaica called me. They know I have a bit of experience with turtles (like about 30 years) and that I care about them and would try to help. They asked me to come look at a turtle someone had brought in to them and told them they did not want it any more. I...
  14. TammyJ

    Would they attack us?

    I greatly admire these fabulous creatures, but know very little about them, and was wondering if they could be dangerously aggressive, for example, mating males, towards humans or other animals? Are there any documented cases of attacks on humans by large tortoises? Just curious.
  15. TammyJ

    Happy Christmas to All!

    Just sending this to express my best wishes to everyone here.
  16. TammyJ

    Io and Callisto - 8 months old

    Here are the little darlings...
  17. TammyJ

    Too many Raspberries!

    These guys ate too many raspberries and look what happened to them.
  18. TammyJ

    Do they ever stop growing?

    I have heard that snakes continue to grow, albeit more slowly as they get older, all their lives. Is this true for tortoises as well? How big will my redfoots get if kept in optimum conditions? What is the record largest redfoot?
  19. TammyJ

    Billy's story

    This first part is a check to see if I can post a new thread at all, because when I tried on Friday last, I had written quite a long post, and when I pressed "Enter" to post it, it just disappeared forever. This was after choosing "Preview". I did not see any button saying "post new thread" or...