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  1. AgataP

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    It is a 10 months old sulcata.
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    10 months old. This kid enjoys all the weeds.
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    Did you actually see the rat attacking them ? I am worried that they actually did attack each other. The one is way smaller which is a most common sign of bulling. They SHOULD NOT BE "HOUSED" TOGETHER. If you look on the forum I have posted a tragic report of baby torts eating each other. They...
  4. AgataP

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    <3 yes! Seems like this little tort is doing well. Today he got very feisty and did his little charge attack on my hand when I was putting some mazuri on his greens. It was cute. I am like chill I am giving you Mazuri not taking it away :)
  5. AgataP

    Foods that make them poop?

    If he eats normal and he is active chances are - he eats his own poop. a bit of cucumber, cactus can help but I would not feed tons just so they poop. Start with a long warm soak.
  6. AgataP

    Incandescent floodlight bulb

    It’s just a regular bulb - OSRAM 😂
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    Happy Birthday Dozer - stay healthy, happy and know you are loved by so many ❤️❤️❤️
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    Yeah. When he/she is bigger I will just make one similar to that one. It’s nice water gets warm fast and stays warm.
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    Always hungry. 9 months old 757g
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    Thank you ! We are trying !
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    Yes it is. But it was before birds used it. All scrubbed and clean we don’t want no bird germs 😂
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    Soaking time.
  13. AgataP

    Best places to order a sulcata tortoise 🐢

    @Tom he might have some babies still ☺️
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    Is this a thistle?

    My tort goes crazy over sow thistle.
  15. AgataP

    Cloths Dryer Repurposing.

    Oven very low temperature. I use to froze them for my Russian torts.
  16. AgataP

    Growing greens in Cinder Blocks.

    If your have goodwill around you can get pots cheap. I also but kitchen utensils holders and just drill a hole in them if needed. Prices for pots are CRAZY!!
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    What kind of grass/weeds for the floor of my new adult Sulcata enclosure?

    Can’t find any good Rose of Sharon bush around 🤬
  18. AgataP

    Need Help !? (How to care for young sulcatas)

    The pyramiding suggests that your way doesn’t work. Sorry.
  19. AgataP

    Always provide breakfast and dinner and grazing food all day long. They eat eat eat and eat

    Always provide breakfast and dinner and grazing food all day long. They eat eat eat and eat
  20. Yard work with Herbie .jpeg

    Yard work with Herbie .jpeg

    Always in the center of the attention.