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  1. AgataP

    When you get a seedling and you decide to plant it

    I have seen many posts on enclosure plants, on what is safe for a tort and so on. I went to HD and I got some kale seedlings last week. First of all I some them for some time to loosen up the roots and second of all.... soaking allows me to remove pretty much most of all the styrofoam (guess...
  2. AgataP

    Outdoor living space for Herbie.

    Spring is here and I absolutely love seeing Herbie outside enjoying his tortoise travels and eating his treats while enjoying the sun. Since he is way to small to let him be in the grass I have decided to build an outdoor box where he can be safe, have some roaming space and has no way to dig...
  3. AgataP

    Postcard from PNW

    Pixel just wanted to share some pictures from an adventure we took last weekend. Hope you all enjoy some of the PNW beauty.
  4. AgataP

    Spring in PNW

    Last few days were so beautiful in WA. I have Herbie’s outdoor clover box on a patio so as soon the sun is out it warms it up. It’s like a 3x3 box that I grew clovers for him so we have it for winter but since it has a wire lid it is perfect now for getting some safe and secure outdoor feeding...
  5. AgataP

    Soup and stuff

    Today I have decided to cook some pho. Sent some pictures to my friends and they were sure Herbie became part of the soup. Just had to share this because it’s too funny. ps. Herbie is doing just fine and he is not a part of the soup 😂
  6. AgataP

    Life around us.

    Just wanted to share some photos I took. No the owls and eagles are not my pets but I want to show them off 🤣😂 Just few shots hope you guys enjoy it.
  7. AgataP

    The life

    Oh boy, I have miss the forum. I have looked here and there but was not able to spend much time as school work for wild. With all “online” learning it’s hard to grasp some of the concepts and not able to ask professors and classmates face to face is really difficult. Herbie seems to be doing...
  8. AgataP

    Chlorhexidine question.

    My torts enclosure is made from plywood - it is not sealed as I know I will have to upgrade it before it even has a chance to be gross. However I would like to wipe it down with chlorhexidine solution (mixed with h2o), as I want to change his substrate to add more since he loved to dig. How...
  9. AgataP

    Keeping tortoise together - not

    This is post from Instagram posted by tortstork. Wanted to share with others, to help understand what can happen even when you think this would never happen. This is not intended to be used in any negative way towards anyone. This is meant to spread awareness and to show how little we still...
  10. AgataP


    My friends keep telling me “oh Herbie is getting big !” Me: Hmmmhh he is gaining weight (we are almost at 60g), but I don’t see him bigger size wise. Till I looked at the pictures and compared them 🤣😂🐢 Herbie straight out of the box Herbie today Look at all the new growth on his shell.
  11. AgataP

    PSA - Texas

    This is just something I found in the news and I know we have members in Texas. Bacteria found in water!
  12. AgataP

    Premium membership

    Hello, Quick question is there any other option of paying for a membership than PayPal ? Thank you
  13. AgataP

    Baby Sulcata finds a flower

    Since today we had no smoke, it rained for two days I let Herbie adventure the planter box with me while I picked some cucumbers. This is how it went. Ps. No, nothing has been ever sprayed or added.
  14. AgataP

    Good Morning

    Please tell me I am not the only one who is excited to wake up “late” on Saturday and see that her tortoise gave himself a soak and pooped. It’s the best morning ever !! 🤣😂
  15. AgataP


    Hey guys, I am reading that there is Mazuri (called original one I guess) and there is the Mazuri LS. I have the LS - it’s not main food for Herbie more so add on to his weeds. Is there a difference between the two and does it impact directly tortoise health. Thank you
  16. AgataP

    Closed chamber enclosure data

    I see many discussions about the closed chamber enclosure, people having trouble keeping humidity in the right spot. For everyone who is still questioning closed chamber enclosures, here is some data collected today in Herbie’s enclosure. You can see the moment I opened his enclosure how fast...
  17. AgataP

    Apartment/ small space living

    I often see posts saying: I can’t get grass for my tortoise .... grazing is not an option... I can’t grow grass for my tortoise... and so on. I am blessed with a big house and a big yard etc. but I lived in a small apartment before with a dog, cat and a guinea pig. Also now as soon as I put...
  18. AgataP

    Baby Sulcatas Enclosure - hapky

    Since Herbie’s arrival he has been provided with a close chamber enclosure as recommended. He seemed super happy in his 32in long and 16in wide enclosure. However every time I looked at it I knew this is not something that he can thrive in. After reading many, many posts over here, reviewing...
  19. AgataP

    How to grow a cute puppy

    You put some good seeds in a high quality soil. You water it, etc. And boom you grew yourself a cute puppy!
  20. AgataP

    Is this adequate for Sulcatas

    I found this link as I am researching safe to eat flowers etc. Can you guys confirm this list adequate pretty please. Also any other recommendations, links, greens, I am searching for all in the wild stuff not store and...