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  1. bigred

    Radiated 9 1/2 inch sexed female

    I never intended to sale any of my radiated. I live in Fullerton California and this tortoise is very healthy, never sick, outside most of the time. I find myself in need of immediate cash. Bought from Bill Z. Sexed female. I have the price on this tortoise low to sell fast locally. Message me...
  2. bigred

    Face shots for Yvonne

    U asked for it
  3. bigred

    A couple more

    ive been gone for awhile , one personal tragedy after another. So have a beer and get back on the TFO. Really a great bunch of people here
  4. bigred

    My bulbous female

    Here is one of my girls
  5. bigred

    It's been awhile

    Here is my little guy he was 2 inches when I got him
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  7. bigred

    Its been awhile

  8. bigred

    Rain Dance

    Here is my big guy doing the rain dance
  9. bigred

    Update for Coastal

    This little male is really coming along pretty nice. Havent posted any pics in quite awhile
  10. bigred

    10 INCHES

    This is my biggest radiated and he has hit the 10 inch mark, I got him in December 2010. I have had him for about 4 years and he was about 2 inches when I got him. Im thinking he is about 5 years old. I guess that would be a growth rate of exactly 2 inches a year. He developed pretty nice for my...
  11. bigred

    Little Guys

    I havent posted any updated pics of these guys in quite some time. These are my smallest 3
  12. bigred

    29 LBS.

    I stopped over a guys house today that I have know for awhile and he had this guy and a few others in his backyard. I cant wait until mine get this big
  13. bigred


    Just thought I would post a current pic of these little guys. These 2 are so healthy and active and are pretty neat to watch. I have these little guys seperated from the bigger torts, I have a bigger female that would stomp all over these little guys if kept together
  14. bigred


    I have really enjoyed watching this guy grow, he just gets more and more beautiful. Hopefully one way or another this male or female will produce some hatchlings. I was bringing them all in and hosed him off and then realized I needed to get a picture
  15. bigred

    7 inch radiated tortoise

    Im offering this radiated tortoise for sale, Ive had him for approx 3 years. This tortoise does have some issues thats why the price is so low. He eats normal and is growing at a good rate. Im offering him for 700. dollars to California residents because I dont want to ship him and want you to...
  16. bigred


    This little guy is a pleasure to own
  17. bigred


    I just love the radiated tortoises bulbous shell, this girl has been growing quite a bit lately. She is a very mellow tortoise
  18. bigred


    These guys eat better than I do, I have been growing all kinds of green leaf plants for these guys. They also have a grape vine that has grown right into their pen, if they get lucky they might get some grapes off of it
  19. bigred


    @Josh pics are working now These guys love red hibiscus flowers
  20. bigred


    Still trying to post pics