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  1. Chubbs the tegu

    Another stupid thread by me.. if u were a tort what species would u be?

    Well ill say sulcata because everybody would always be trying to rehome me
  2. Chubbs the tegu

    Leather hypo zero beardie for BTS

    Sooo.. i was proposed a trade offer. My BTS for a leather hypo zero beardie! (Stunner!) tough decision to make
  3. Chubbs the tegu

    Baby Bradys thread

    Just staring a thread for baby Brady
  4. Chubbs the tegu

    My New lil cherry head from Randy at tortstork

    Hey guys just thought id share my new lil buddy with you all. Baby cherry head from tortstork. Just wanna say Randy from tortstork was awesome doing business with and i highly recommend him. Ill shut up now
  5. Chubbs the tegu

    Testudo seed mix from tortoise supply

    Ordered some testudo broadleaf seed mix from tortoise supply to get some weeds for the winter months. Planning on growing it in an extra aquarium i have laying around.. any pointers are welcome!
  6. Chubbs the tegu

    Selfie saturday!

    Hello guys and gals! Just thought id start another one of my genius threads for all out there that wanna show off their mugs.. only saturdays though! Nobody wanna see ur post weekend disasters haha
  7. Chubbs the tegu

    Am i ur dream girl?

  8. Chubbs the tegu

    Meet baby Jellie

    Hey guys the long awaited arrival has come. This is Jellie my new lil buddy! Shout out to Mark for producing this beautiful baby... i couldnt be happier. Heres a few pics for now.. i dont wanna bother her to much
  9. Chubbs the tegu

    Favorite reptile youve ever owned

    Hey guys, just a random thread for ppl to share their fav reptile they have had.
  10. Chubbs the tegu

    No fans

    Hey sports fans! Is it me or do sports feel different this year with this covid BS going on?
  11. Chubbs the tegu


    Hey guys, just thought id start a thread for the weirdos out there. No normal ppl allowed 🤪
  12. Chubbs the tegu

    Baseball training camp July 1st

    We will have sports again! Go sox!
  13. Chubbs the tegu

    Hey guys, just thought id give a lil review on my seed mix. I had a bare spot where i had my kids pool for years and now it was part of jacks outdoor enclosure. This 3 weeks growth of the sulcata seed mix.. im happy with it
  14. Chubbs the tegu

    Single mingle thread

    Hey guys and gals! Im one to push the limits so any singles or “ones just some innocent flirt” come on in! I kno this is not a dating sire but hey we all love torts and have something in common haha this is gonna prob get some negative replies im sure but i have thick skin
  15. Chubbs the tegu

    Spring fishing season!

    Hi all, any fisherman/women out there?
  16. Chubbs the tegu

    White King Cobra! Insane

    I know there will be some haters against this vid.. but such a beautiful and rare snake.
  17. Chubbs the tegu

    Bad jokes

    Hey guys, just bored with this lockdown. Thought id start this thread in case anybody would like to share any of their bad jokes lol maybe get some laughs.. or eye rolls
  18. Chubbs the tegu

    Having enclosure ready

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right spot to post this thread.. but i see a lot of ppl getting tortoises before their setup is up and running. In my opinion ur enclosure should be up and running 3 days minimum to get everything right.. temps, humidity etc. just an idea to somehow get that out...
  19. Chubbs the tegu

    Best concert you’ve been to

    Hey guys, just thought id start this thread for any music lovers out there!
  20. Chubbs the tegu

    Anyone know what this is?

    Something new popping up on the side of my house