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  1. harrythetortoise

    My tortoise doesn't seem to like weeds so much...

    I recently started introducing Harry weeds from outside (chemical-free), such as: dandelions, violets, plantain, deadnettle, chickweed. He is about 7-8 months. He LOVES the flowers of dandelions and violets, but nibbles at the others and goes back to his hide or to bask. I got him in Dec of...
  2. harrythetortoise

    Another tortoise thief! A man steals a Redfoot tortoise WHILE HOLDING HIS CHILD. What an abhorrent behavior. The owner of the store has tears in his eyes during the interview... I feel so bad for him and the tortoise 😢 I really hope...
  3. harrythetortoise

    Woman steals tortoise from pet store

  4. harrythetortoise

    I really love my tortoise

    Hello, I wanted to introduce Harry, a baby marginated tortoise. I was told he was born in August 2020. (Named “him” Harry for now). This is my first ever tortoise (and probably the last) and I am learning so much from this forum. Thank you so much!!