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  1. maggie3fan

    Redfoot for sale...

    Adolescent Redfoot male for sale...happy healthy and extremely active....price negotiable please pm maggie3fan... must have been a TFO member for a minimum of 6 months and have tortoise experience....
  2. maggie3fan

    OK...I give up!

    I have been beat by this little Redfoot. I have had him for 10 days. He eats like a pig, then he spends the rest of his time trying to escape. In the first 4 hours that I had him, he escaped his outside enclosure 3 times. He spends a lot of time on his back. When I first put him in the tort...
  3. maggie3fan

    Gotta see this!

    This needs no comment <img...
  4. maggie3fan


    Most of you know that I got a Redfoot tortoise to foster. My experience mostly is desert or savanna type tortoises. I was excited to have this little tortoise, it is a good example of the species, I think. The tortoise came with a name of Jupiter, I have changed it to simply Red So I fix a...
  5. maggie3fan


    Has anyone here ever heard of a Redfoot named Stagger Lee (bet most of you never heard that song), anybody heard of that tortoises and his antics?
  6. maggie3fan


    Juniper the Redfoot came to stay with me for a while, and unless she changes her ways it will be a short while. Juniper is petite and perfect. Her keeper and I met here on TFO here as he was looking to rehome the tort. He came Wednesday and I guess I passed muster because he brought Juniper...
  7. maggie3fan

    Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...

    I keep noticing that no matter how Tom tries to indoctrinate new keepers with young Sulcata they don't seem to hear him. I believe he is well spoken and knows how to communicate. But sometimes they just don't get it...NO! Sulcata tortoises are not from the desert, nor do they live on sand. Now...
  8. maggie3fan

    RIP Grumpyface

    Grumpyface was healthy and happy. I was freakin happy to have him, Yesterday his CHE had died so I put a new one in his tank, and this morning it was 135 degrees in there and GF was dead. Frankly I don't even know what to say damn it
  9. maggie3fan


    I had appointments this afternoon, so when I get home the first thing I do is check on my tortoises and when I couldn't find Mary Knobbins any where I started to get upset...Mary... Mary Knobbins where are you??? That's when I saw this... my tire is slowly moving across the This is...
  10. maggie3fan

    Bird Bath

    Does anybody know just why this bird bath looks like this?
  11. maggie3fan


    This turtle is extremely small for his age and he is deformed in the way box turtles get, he gets bug eyed and stops eating frequently. He's a pain in the butt, but cute... He's not real good at eating big worms..ugly worm poop, how can that be good for a turtle?. Can turtles choke?
  12. maggie3fan

    Ginger and the glove

    This is an Eastern box turtle named Ginger. She loves snails slugs worms fruit and some times even stuff that was never food. This little turtle is hungry all the time. She's personable and outgoing. I roam around my pens lifting up rocks and blocks and plant pots looking for slugs and anything...
  13. maggie3fan


    Most of you know I brought 2 box turtles back from my sister's place back in September. one was Little Grumpyface... and a Terrapene ornata. This little ornate was not moving or eating so I brought her home. My sister had rescued it some time ago after she had been chewed by a dog. So at first...
  14. maggie3fan

    For Lynn

    I have been pretty sick recently so I haven't posted any photos lately of Mary Knobbins...I have a young friend who can pick out Mary from a group of Sulcata. She loves Mary Knobbins, and Mary loves Lynn. So now that the sun is out Mary goes out her doggie door and becomes obsessive about pacing...
  15. maggie3fan


    Spring has sprung in Corvallis Oregon, my decorative plum tree... I have pasture grass seed planted in my Sulcata pens and all my ros trees are leafing out, the sunflowers are up and so is the 'tortoise from hell' (tfh). She has just been insane. All winter she was pacing her shed and banging...
  16. maggie3fan

    Winter and Mary Knobbins

    Winter locked in a shed was not kind to Mary Knobbins. She doesn't like staying in and while she gained weight like crazy, her bottom jaw cracked in half and some. We have an appointment next week for a trimming.... Look at the growth lines, comparingly smooth
  17. maggie3fan


    Those of you who are on FB need to go to my home page Maggie Cummings, look at the Sulcata there, it might answer a few questions. NASCAR bye
  18. maggie3fan


    Everybody knows I post a lot of pictures, that means I take a lot of pictures to get 1 good one. I use a camera. Anyway, my animals are pretty much used to me putting a camera in their face but every once in a while, it doesn't make a good photo. About 4 months ago when Grumpyface was really...
  19. maggie3fan


    I foster a 90 lb 17 year old Pit Bull. He used to live with me, but he went back to his owner and I just dog sit him now from time to time. When he was living with me he had a bed and a blanket. He would get on his bed then pull the blanket around him. So cute. Roscoe knows he's not supposed...
  20. maggie3fan

    Simon's feet

    Check this out...Simon's back feet...