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  1. PJay

    Meet Rachel and Abner

    Knowing how you care for your animals, they have been spoiled for a long time now.
  2. PJay

    Red wigglers-Toxin Machines or safe?

    I'm not prepared to offer sources on the worm war but I am a member of many Fbook turtle groups, have been following the argument for a few years now and can help clarify the battlefront as it applies to prior comments in this thread. There are those who claim that red wrigglers (Eisenia...
  3. PJay

    RIP Grumpyface

    Sorry for your loss Maggie.
  4. PJay

    Feeding Time

    I knew some fish had thiaminase but I didnt know that about raw shrimp. I feed mostly pre cooked anyway but will drop the occasional raw. Isnt spinach a green to avoid? Disrupts calcium adsorption.
  5. PJay

    2021 wild easterns..

    Nice finds!
  6. PJay

    Newbie Here! Needing Identification & Advice

    For box turtle commercial food I like Omega One Adult Turtle Sticks, Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Food, Mazuri Small Crocodilian Chow and Hikari Saki Turtle Food. Most turtles like the Omega One best but it is also the most expensive. I use Omega One to initially get turtles to accept pellets and then...
  7. PJay

    Cuora mouhotii obsti

    Thanks for that! How quickly do they reproduce?
  8. PJay

    Cuora mouhotii obsti

    A pair of two year old Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotti obsti after soaking/feeding and a quick checkup. Love this species!
  9. PJay

    Coconut substrate/moss stuck in leg cavity?

    Many years ago I used "coconut husk", the bigger chunks of coconut instead of the ground up version, and a piece got lodged in a box turtles leg cavity. It had to be removed with tweezers by one person while another held the leg out exposing the cavity. If you are using the ground up coco coir...
  10. PJay

    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    <Blush> Thank you for the kind words Jonathan, I've enjoyed growing out these turtles from hatchlings to young adults the last few years. I hope I can replicate your special ability to reproduce this beautiful species in a few years.
  11. PJay

    2021 Arizona Desert Tortoise Adoptions
  12. PJay

    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    Too funny! At first I thought you were trying to protect **** identity. But then i was like **** name is everywhere by his own choice.
  13. PJay

    Baby eastern box turtle not eating!

    I agree with @Maro2Bear , this time of year can be slow for North American box turtles. I have several species that are usually eager to eat but slow down and refuse food this time of year even with consistent temperatures and photoperiod. Wait until late Feb or early March when they will act...
  14. PJay

    What species is my tortoise/turtle? How do I care for her??

    Your box turtle is showing some shell and beak growth problems due to dietary inefficiencies, lack of humidity or both. This may have occurred before you got the turtle and it may be ongoing. I can tell you what works for me in raising box turtles with smooth, strong shells and you may be able...
  15. PJay

    Meet Rachel and Abner

    Walker photo bombing.
  16. PJay

    My little tortoise don't want to eat.

    Malayan box turtle (Cuora amboinensis). There are four subspecies, this one is probably C. a. kamaroma.
  17. PJay

    Advice when looking for a breeder

    Ornate box turtles are not the best choice for a first turtle. Some live happily for many years but some others can be very hard to keep. For your first box turtle I would recommend a three toed or eastern box. They are the most hardy of the group and if they are cared for properly can live for...
  18. PJay

    How do I care for my turtle?

    Insects from outside are ok if you can collect them from an area you know hasnt been exposed to chemical treatment like insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Otherwise you can buy a wide range of insects online or go to walmart and buy earthworms from the sporting goods area. Just be...
  19. PJay

    Eastern Box Turtles Still Wandering

    Happy to see you still have box turtles and dandelions keeping you company. We had overnight temps in the 20's recently. Is it warmer there near the water?
  20. PJay

    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    You have mojo to spare my friend.