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  1. Snoopy’s mom

    Ate a cigarette butt

    The sully I’m sitting just ate an old cigarette butt someone threw in my yard. He closed up so I couldn’t pull it out, should I soak him and feed him cactus? The local vet said there isn’t anything that can be fine since the niccotine will be absorbed, just watch for shaking and drooling. Any...
  2. Snoopy’s mom

    Traveling every weekend

    Sorry to keep asking questions about this tortoise! I foster a sully on the weekends because his owner does not feed him and heʻs left alone in a 3X5 open-top enclosure outside, among other things. We donʻt have the types of predators you do, but we do have mongoose and feral cats. He is...
  3. Snoopy’s mom

    Disgruntled Tort

    I have been trying to introduce new foods to my tort following the advice here, Iʻve chopped up his favorites a little smaller and left the new things bigger so itʻs harder for him to pick and choose. I understand that it can take several weeks, but every time I do that, he poops on his feeding...
  4. Snoopy’s mom

    Do sulcutas fart?

    I think this was debated at one point but I can’t find it. When it’s spa time and I put the sully in his bath, bubbles come up followed by a rude stench. Is it just air trapped under his carapace or is he farting?
  5. Snoopy’s mom

    Cement hide?

    Hi all, I was looking at the FB crazies this weekend, and someone showed a picture of thier enclosure that had a cement hide that she made. Is this ok to use? I was wondering if I could make one.
  6. Snoopy’s mom


    Hello, I am still very new here and have a couple of questions about sulcuta care. I will be baby-sitting a 2 year old tortoise for about 2 weeks and would like to know if there is anything specific I need to do? I have a Russian and I know they have different needs. He will be kept outside...
  7. Snoopy’s mom

    Ethical husbandry?

    Hello, I am still very new to this forum, but have learned so much from reading all the information posted. I am not sure if "ethical" is the proper word, but can anyone suggest a firm but nice way to let a co-worker know that her care is really not in the best interest of her tortoise? Again...
  8. Snoopy’s mom

    Cracked shell?

    Does my tortoise, I mean my son’s tortoise look okay? His shell looked dry and cracked
  9. Snoopy’s mom

    Can anyone identify plant/weed?

    My tortoise has been out on determined, specific march lately, and heading past all other plants and goes straight to this. It is about 75 feet from my house and he is just determined to get to this plant, walking all over every other kinds of foilage. Once he munches on some of this, he lays...
  10. Snoopy’s mom


    Does anyone know how daily travel will affect a Russian Tortoise? I have the opportunity to create an 8 X 12 outdoor enclosure which is close to my office, but about half an hour away from my home. The plan is to drive Snoopy to the outdoor enclosure in the morning about 7:00 am, and bring him...
  11. Snoopy’s mom


    Hi I’m a new tortoise owner and have a few questions I’m hoping someone can answer. I’ve a lot about having hides in the enclosure and things to climb but my tortoise prefers to burrow under the coconut coir and Timothy hay. He won’t eat the hay but likes to burrow under it. Also he doesn’t...