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  1. Stoneman

    What is the ideal depth and substrate material for adult egg laying indian stars?

    I am building a new enclosure and want to have ideal substrate depth. If I remember correctly it is 12"? I have read some places that the length of the tortoise is sufficient for substrate depth. I have kept them in small to medium sized fir bark because where I live I cannot find smaller sized...
  2. Stoneman

    What depth substrate for adult indian stars? I also have questions about what the best egg laying substrate should be.

    I am building a new enclosure and want to have ideal substrate depth. If I remember correctly it is 12"? I have read some places that the length of the tortoise is sufficient for substrate depth. I have kept them in small to medium sized fir bark because where I live I cannot find smaller...
  3. Stoneman

    (Not a tortoise) I have new wood turtles and concerned about shells

    Hey everybody, I got some wood turtles and I am concerned about these white spots on their shell. I was told that they are from moss or algae or something, but I have seen images of fungal growths that look similar, so I thought I would check with you guys. What do you think caused it...
  4. Stoneman

    Eggs regularly being laid above ground, over one year. Does this look like chalking?

    I found this egg, and I am not sure if you can see it from the images, but there is a white chalky looking stuff on the outside. I am guessing it is chalking, it looks different than the other ones I have gathered. I will check in a couple days to see if it becomes fully covered in it or not...
  5. Stoneman

    Eggs found in cypress mulch appear to have crystalized sparkles

    I am not sure what is going on here, but I found these eggs like this today. They look good still, but the one with more dirt is very porous. The inside of that one is a little darker too. Both eggs, found separately, seem to have the shimmering crystals embedded in them.
  6. Stoneman

    Lesbian tortoises? Female mounted other female with grunting

    How crazy is this? I have heard stories of males mounting other males, but a female mounting another female? She did it to a small Male that I have, and I figured she was just trying to crawl over him in a tight quarter, but then she did it to a female. I thought she was just trying to take...
  7. Stoneman

    Some recent upgrades to my enclosures

    I used a floor mat, like those used under computer desks to place under the water plates. I put sticks and other things underneath so that I could make a bowl out of it. This way I can create a second bowl like area that holds water and is easy to clean. I can also put food on it to prevent...
  8. Stoneman

    I have a third tortoise to exhibit egg laying behavior! :-) :-)

    I am so excited to announce that my 2nd of the three powerpuff girls has exhibited egg laying behavior. This will be my third female tortoise ever two have done this under my care. My first laid a last year. Then her second last month. My second tort laid a single egg shortly after. I...
  9. Stoneman

    Found a nice little present in the outdoor enclosure

    I could have stepped on this when I was bringing everyone in today. I found it right as I was picking one up. Probably not fertile because it was laid above ground but I am getting a nice little collection of unmatched eggs. Don't tell my wife but once they hatch and I sell them I am just...
  10. Stoneman

    black ant colony in young tortoise enclosure.

    I found it the other day in my closed chamber enclosure in my shed for babies. There were tons of small black ants. Fortunately none were attacked. The ants had started their colon by there. There were tons of eggs through out the enclosure. Can I use Seven to kill the bugs without...
  11. Stoneman

    Is nest building the same motions as burrowing (Indian)? Too small to lay? & other Questions

    Today I had a female Indian star SCL about 6.75 and bodyweight about 850. Today I noticed she looked like she was building a nest in an enclosure, and then it looked like she abandoned it. I have seen her mate with a Male, I am not sure if the magic happened but with how much they have I would...
  12. Stoneman

    Scientific study proves spice ramson kills tortoises

    I have never heard of the spice, but please be aware. Vets were unable to save a sulcata and and aldabra under their care that had been poisoned. Two other aldabras were saved after being treated with charcoal.
  13. Stoneman

    My baby radiata appears to have an injury of the eyelid. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations?

    I am not sure how this happened. The baby, about four months old when I acquired it, has had some issues relating to growth. It does not appear to have grown much. There does not appear to be as much activity as I would like to see. I am giving it baths generally once per day. The skin on...
  14. Stoneman

    Eye problem, baby radiata

    I am trying to determine the cause of this, so that I can treat. Eye problems seemed to arise about a week ago. It appears to be minor irritation or the lid on the left eye, and significant irritation of the lid on the right. Perhaps a tear. I have been treating once daily with antibiotic...
  15. Stoneman

    I have joined the club :-)

    Check them out, I was finally able to join the club! I was able to snatch them up before anyone else got them. I am excited to have them. I have an issue though. Does the smaller one look like it has a swollen eye? Someone told me they though it could be swelling of the conjunctiva. I...
  16. Stoneman

    Looking for an effective cheap thermostat

    I have an outdoor enclosed and roofed area I would like to convert into a tortoise room. What would be one that would be good?
  17. Stoneman

    Do any of these plants look toxic for Indian Stars?

    Located in Western Washington, US. I don't know much about plants so I wanted to know what you guys thought before I set them loose. Also, there are rats and raccoons that live in area, want a way to kill or deter them.
  18. Stoneman

    Breeding Loan consideration dillema, or how to acquire without the $$

    I live in a state without anyone currently producing babies. A major radiata vendor informed me that someone in my state has some juvenile high yellows he doesn't want to take care of. Three endoscoped females and one male. All are about five or six years old. He basically wants to keep them...
  19. Stoneman

    Koppen climate types, which is best for outdoors? (US)

    My big picture plan is to keep my adults in outdoor enclosures, and I want to move somewhere that is good for them, and also tolerable for me. I do not like high heat like in AZ, and I am not sure how I would like high humidity like in FL. Here is a map of the Koppen climate types with a...
  20. Stoneman

    Non-wild tortoises like to be touched, and a video on how the Smithsonian feeds giant torts

    This is really brief, I came across it today and wanted to share. Enjoy