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    Help!! My Hermann’s has worms!!

    Let’s ask some experts: @Yvonne G @Tom
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Please know I am holding you close to my heart.
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    Cole Porter would be proud!
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    Lighting a TALL Enclosure.

    Yes! Cup holders are the way to go! I use them to hang my CHE, UV tube fixture and incandescent flood bulb for basking. I also use them for hanging plants from the top to add foliage and help with humidity. I hang spider plants and bromeliads.
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    What is the best material for Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    That’s the plan I followed. I also added a platform with a ramp.
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    My Russian Tort Albus

    I actually built a PVC enclosed chamber for my Russian this past winter. However, up until that point, I was using the technique I learned here of dumping water into the substrate and mixing it up with my hands. The top of the substrate dries out a bit, but the underneath parts stay damp and...
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    What is the best material for Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    PVC is the way to go. My husband and I built an enclosed chamber for my Russian tortoise this past winter and it was a game changer.
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    Stick with the care sheet from post #2. You won‘t be sorry!
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    Rescue baby Sulcata

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in that you did all you could. I am holding you close to my heart.
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    New owner of THREE Red-Footed Tortoises

    @ZEROPILOT is your go-to guy for redfoots. He also lives in Florida.
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    Picky eater all of a sudden, advice welcome.

    This should help:
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    Facebook groups

    I am so glad I have never opened a Facebook account. After what is reported here, I definitely have no use for it.
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    She looks healthy but has big ridges

    Please hear this loud and clear: Dogs are dogs. We want them to be greater than their canine instincts call them to be, but we should not expect that. In addition, my trained therapy dog retrieved my tortoise out of its enclosure and brought it to me to garner my attention. Please know that...
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    Presentation at an elementary school

    They can totally seem like they’re pouting...
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    Presentation at an elementary school

    As an educator and an aunt to children in the public and private school systems, I can honestly say that children care a lot less about masks than adults do. My adult niece is a first grade teacher, and when given the choice to play last fall outside without masks and distanced, or masked and...
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    Should I put my tort down?

    I am so very sorry for your and your tortoise’s agony. It is soooo hard. However, the fact that you are wrestling with this and questioning shows how much you love him/her. I see you already have their quality of life on your heart. You do not need our input to make the right choice. I believe...
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    Help with my new

    Your best bet is to read the care sheet that was provided in the #2 post. It has an extensive list of foods. The list on your phone has some inappropriate foods in it.
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    Proteins i can feed my Redfoot Tortoise.

    @ZEROPILOT is the guy to talk to!
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    Presentation at an elementary school

    So many great suggestions! Sometimes, as adults, we want to quickly give children the gift of knowledge. We want to tell them everything we know because it is important and fascinating. My father, an amazing teacher, told me, “When you want to make a statement to a child, instead , ask a...
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    Help is she sick?

    First off, you are in good hands. This forum is full of knowledgeable people who are anxious to help. Many people are told the wrong info when they acquire a tortoise. We are here to help fix that. Next, getting the beak trimmed will be crucial to her (?) health. A properly shaped beak means...