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  1. Chip0282

    Moldy Coco Chip

    Hi all, I'm currently using closed Chamber with Coco Chip as substrate, humidity 80%+ and sometime I mist it with water. Just realized some area of the enclosure, coco chip become molded . Is it dangerous? Should I replace all? Or just discard the molded Coco only ? How to prevent this from...
  2. Chip0282

    Radiated Hatchling expected grow

    How much growth (weight percentage increase), or size increase expected for radiated tortoise ? When we say they thrive , how much weight gained increase every month ? I had 2 inch and 3 inch radiated Tortoise, and want to know if they are in a good progress rate or not. Thanks
  3. Chip0282

    Hatchling diet and how often giving food

    Hi all, I want to ask about proper feeding time for radiated, leopard, and aldabra hatchling or baby. My radiated size 2 inch and 3 inch Leopard size 2 inch Aldabra size 5 inch I feed them greens and Mazuri twice a week. My question is , do we need to skip 1 day a week from giving food? I...
  4. Chip0282

    Indoor enclosure that dont need cleaning. is it possible ?

    Hi all, is it possible to have indoor enclosure that dont need cleaning ? i heard of bioactive enclosure, is that proper for tortoise ? or if it can be achieved, what the requirements ? Thanks
  5. Chip0282

    Radiated is solitary tortoise or not?

    Morning all, just curious about this. I remember read that aldabra usually seen together, how about radiated tortoise, is they also kind of communal tortoise like aldabra? Thanks
  6. Chip0282

    Tortoise Hide is it must have at enclosure?

    Hello I'm Alvin from Indonesia. For indoor enclosure , do we need to place hide / cave ? What happen if we didn't put it. Enclosure temperature varied between 30 C - 34 C for my leopard pardalis. Or do we need Hide for certain tortoise? Thanks