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  1. Reptilony

    Growth chart of a slow growing sulcata (Sully Gaïa)

    Im just posting my sheet here. Also some people like to have a reference to compare. Keep in mind this is not a normal growth for a healthy sulcata!
  2. Reptilony


    I have noticed my sully often does this, she comes to her food, then for no reason, she HAVE to go back and make a quick U-turn for no reason and comeback to the dish, she can do that many times before finishing instead of just standing there and eat, then Iv’e noticed others older sully do the...
  3. Reptilony

    Willow mulch as substrate

    I went to a local gardening center and I bought this for my sully as I can’t find fir bark here. Do you think this is good?
  4. Reptilony

    Kimchi ! (False map diary)

    Just to post some info and pictures occasionally about my male false map. If Gaïa deserve one so does Kimchi, he’s my first child after all.
  5. Reptilony

    Are these safe to feed?

    Maybe I posted in the wrong place before, does anyone knows if this seed mix would be ok to put in the enclosure or outside. Are these plants ok to be given in large quantities?
  6. Reptilony

    Bird seeds for sully’s

    Are all these plants safe to feed to a sully? It would be great to use since it’s available in every walmart and pretty cheap. Your toughts?
  7. Reptilony


    I would like to clarify a few things about sulcata temps requirements. I’ve already tried searching existing post on this forum. So, It would be much appreciated if someone could answer all my questions. I want to talk about adult sulcatas temps because there is much less post about that. So...
  8. Reptilony

    Feeding lilac

    Does anyone have experience with feeding lilac and did your tort like it? It's one of the plant that actually can grow and thrive every year in Can so I would like to introduce it.
  9. Reptilony

    Bubble coming out of hatchling nose

    I saw my 10 months old sully making bubles with her nose. Doesn that mean she has an R.I ?
  10. Reptilony

    Gopher’s burrows

    This video is very interesting, it shows how gopher’s burrows are as important for them as for many other animals. I think it’s fascinating to watch. Tortoises are involuntarily very kind to everyone!
  11. Reptilony

    Male female sulcata personality?

    I heard many times that males sulcatas are more outgoing and less shy. What does that mean? Does females hide all the time and males roam around? Are they less active? Or is it more like they won't tolerate as much being touched etc? Id'like to get your experience on the matter. Thanks
  12. Reptilony

    Nopale fruits?

    I saw some cactus pears at the grocery store the other day and didn’t realise they where nopale fruits(they are red). Can this be fed to a sulcata? Im not familiar with any kind of cactus so I don’t even know if it’s sugary. Also how much can you feed nopales (pads) without giving your tort...
  13. Reptilony

    Collard greens

    When poeple are refering to ‘’collard greens’’, is this what they are talking about?
  14. Reptilony

    Incubation temp and sex

    So I found this article that shows that temperature absolutly 100% determine sex. Does any breeder knows if this is true by experience? I would like your opinions.
  15. Reptilony

    Adult dry raised sully result !

    I saw in real life what a dry raised sully looks like at my local pet shop. They keep him in an enclosure not bigger than 10 times it's own size with a poor leopard. I saw the sully drag the little one all across the enclosure putting all it's weight on him. Pretty violent...Im surprised it's...
  16. Reptilony

    Wheat grass

    Do you know if wheat grass has a good calcium\phosphorus ratio? Different sources says different things. I want to feed it as a regular.
  17. Reptilony

    Tort tech

    Hey guys I just wanted to share my tort cam setup! I have a wifi extender connected to my router. Then I plugged an ip cam to the wifi extender with an ethernet cable. Then I use an app called camhi to see what my tort is doing. I can move in any direction (360) and it has night vision! Also...
  18. Reptilony

    What is on my tortoise?

    Here’s a picture of my baby sulcata, she started to habe two circles on her nose.
  19. Reptilony

    Help baby sulcata constantly flipping herself !

    My baby started flipping herself over and over ! She goes in the corner, try to climb et fall on her back. What is wrong? She never did that. She did that 5 times in 30 min now. She will die if she keeps doing this because Im not always home! Please I really need some advice here...Im gonna post...
  20. Reptilony

    Sully Gaïa

    Well, I have finaly been able to weigh her. She will be 4 months old april 9th and she is 44 grams. I don’t know if this is normal for a 4 months old and I know that it’s growth that matter so I will be adding age with weight every months. Im doing everything I can for her, hopefully she doesn’t...