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  1. Hot Wet Sam

    1st time desert tortoise hibernation/brumation length

    Hello all. I have a 4 year old CDT named AJ who went down for his first long snooze November 21st. He lived indoors with a large table setup his first 3 years, but last summer was his first year living outside in sunny SoCal (Inland Empire area). I dug him a burrow to help him avoid the extreme...
  2. Hot Wet Sam

    Desert Tortoise Burrow Questions

    Hello All, My little guy is almost 4 years old. And I'm transitioning him to be outside full time this summer. He spends his day roaming the yard, chomping on weeds and hibiscus. At night I lock him in his dog house to protect him from any predators. So far its been going well, but these recent...
  3. Hot Wet Sam

    CDT (?) Hatchling questions/suggestions

    Hello, My wife and I have been prepping our backyard (in southern California) to get a tortoise for some time. We recently completed it, but a few nights ago my wife surprised me with this little guy: I...