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  1. harrythetortoise

    What kind of Tortoise is this?

    I would vote for a sulcata!
  2. harrythetortoise

    Harrythetortoise's keeper is celebrating a birthday today!

    Thank you everyone! I had a great day today😊😍
  3. harrythetortoise

    All prepped and ready ALMOST!

    What kind of uvb bulb will you be using?
  4. harrythetortoise

    Captive bred? or wild caught?

    I think wild caught, just based on the shell (wear and tear, and really smooth).
  5. harrythetortoise

    Is this a normal amount of poo? Horsfield

    He was probably grazing more outside 😄
  6. harrythetortoise

    Is this a normal amount of poo? Horsfield

    Looks normal to me. Some days they pass a lot.
  7. harrythetortoise

    large poops (Russian)

    I don't think it is anything to worry about as long as the texture is not runny. Probably just means he/she ate a lot :)
  8. harrythetortoise

    Damaged beak

    I think the beak was somewhat overgrown so little pressure from the exam broke off the weaker part. I would ask the vet to trim down the beak so it's not so jagged.
  9. harrythetortoise

    Has my Herman tort died

    Are you able to post some pictures of the enclosure? Maybe we can see where it could have gone wrong?
  10. harrythetortoise

    We Have A Birthday!!

    Happy birthday 🎂🎉
  11. harrythetortoise

    Getting Concerned

    I recommend making a green smoothie! That’s what I had to do when I had too much leftover dandelions last winter (store bought).
  12. harrythetortoise

    Good flood bulbs for basking?

    I think they are going extinct :( I was able to get some from ebay though.
  13. harrythetortoise

    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    This is heartbreaking to see…
  14. harrythetortoise

    My tortoise doesn't seem to like weeds so much...

    Update: Harry reached 100 grams!
  15. harrythetortoise

    Good flood bulbs for basking?

    Needs to be incandescent I believe. LED are energy efficient and don’t give out heat.
  16. harrythetortoise

    Cool Down Vivarium in Hot Weather?

    I check mine every day
  17. harrythetortoise

    Repticalcium in my baby desert tortoises eye

    Try rinsing with some warm water.