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    feels like summer

    the temperature swings these guys endure here is kind of remarkable ,their body temp and the air temp i doubt are ever the same ......being outside with access to the sun , the ground ,plants and a pond , they are experts at finding heat ..... we had i think the sunniest march on record , not...
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    something about it makes me think it does have health benefits .......... i did let this guy , 2yrs , hibernate through december , brought him in for jan. feb. march , just put him out last week...........
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    february 20 , 24 degrees and sunny today , tomorrow will be the first day above freezing in 3 weeks , i think our winter is going to be fading out , i see high 30's in the forecast the box turtles some blandings the water temp was 46 , this one did crawl out to bask the only...
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    october in ohio

    best weather we get here is september , october , turtles like it too ......
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    keeping up

    in an effort to "keep up" i looked for some treatments being used by scientist/veterinarians for various chelonian diseases ......... i came across this 2016 article , which i think is worthwhile ....... it was a group of eastern box turtles at the maryland zoo , kept in a 29,000 square...
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    box turtle magnet

    i put a grass pile in the box turtle pen yesterday in getting ready for fall winter ....... it's like a box turtle magnet
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    some pics , some may like to see ….. last Thursday I believe started these guys spring …... I got this guy 5 yrs ago from florida this guy showed up in the pen 6-8 yrs ago , never been indoors this guy will be 7 this fall , got him at 1 1/4" with pneumonia …... 2 of the three girls...
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    what moral . . .

    what moral entitlements do animals deserve , if any ? are there any reputable animal rights groups ?????? individuals ???? do you think an animal can be psychologically abused ? i'd like to hear peta horror stories , not anecdotal , factual …….. I did misrepresent a fact in the last peta...
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    I had them when I as a kid ….. with my decision to get turtles I could keep outside here year around , I got 7 hatchlings ………… this guy will be 6 this season ….. my question on when and how they could be sexed that went unanswered seems to have been answered , at least as far as male , the...
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    I've read on here many times of folks causing their hatchling tortoises to die by keeping them on dry substrate without additional humidity for 1-2 months , the cause of death being kidney failure ……… are there any studies done on this scenario ? I ask because it contrast results of K. Nagy in...
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    another season

    really nice weather here a few days in a row , lots of turtle out today …feeding them whatever they'll eat ….another couple weeks and they'll all stop eating ……
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    spring 2018 here

    after a week of spring , everybody seems well
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    could be worse

    I could live in north Dakota , or Minnesota , the northern US is pretty cold ...... we haven't been above freezing since dec 24th , since then we've been 13 , 9 , 4 , 7 , 14 , 14 , and 7 , the next 7 days have a 2 , 3, 5, 5 , -1 , 0 , and 8 , Fahrenheit ........ that's a pretty hard freeze for...
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    feels like it's time to get ready for winter again

    some pics from today , some might like to see them .........been feeling like fall , hoping to leave everybody out this winter .......
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    dec. 23rd

    air temp 38 degrees , water temp 42 degrees .....
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    some turtles that live here

    maybe some would like to see some of my turtles .
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    some pictures

    of some hatchlings i raised in the house over the winter ....... i had them and thought maybe someone here would enjoy the pics .......