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  1. Alphakenc

    Drop One, Add One

    Time fly n clock in
  2. Alphakenc

    Sulcata swallowed a screw...

    Im glad its a happy ending...what goes in hopefully all comes out...its a blessing ur tortoise are a strong torts even with that screw in the stomach :eek: what a Houdini tortoise !!
  3. Alphakenc

    I'm the Beef Jerky Breeder!

    Welcome n Its a blessing you have some beautiful tortoises.
  4. Alphakenc

    Greetings from Brooklyn! I just inherited an abandoned Sulcata.

    Welcome n its a blessing that you found each other...long live to the life changing tortoise sulcata .
  5. Alphakenc

    What type of diet do u feed ur tortoise??

    Great Im going to take a look on all those tortoises that u mentioned.thank u so much Tom:). Btw what Tortoise do u keep?
  6. Alphakenc

    What type of diet do u feed ur tortoise??

    Thanks Jamie ,I will take a look on the red foot also.
  7. Alphakenc

    What type of diet do u feed ur tortoise??

    Thank u . Is any other Tortoises u can recommend?
  8. Alphakenc

    Second clutch eggs this year sulcata

    Congratulations..how many babies are there?
  9. Alphakenc

    Just some pics

    Beautiful Russian....love the pics.
  10. Alphakenc

    To the new people of the forum!

    Ahh thank u for the info n much appreciated to be with all the great members in this forum:)
  11. Alphakenc

    What type of diet do u feed ur tortoise??

    Im leaning towards the Sulcata...any suggestions for other species? My weather location is in the northeast region.indoor n outdoor will be both chioce for me:)
  12. Alphakenc

    Thank you TFO Sponsors and Supporters!

    Thank u to all the sponsors
  13. Alphakenc

    Tortoise found on freeway

    Im glad he found a new home...Tort de force instinct to survive.
  14. Alphakenc

    Help sexing again

    I like her too...22years is a long time for a pet.
  15. Alphakenc

    What type of diet do u feed ur tortoise??

    I would like to know what are the different varieties diet do u give to ur tortoise? Any gutload formula ? Diet for baby? Diet for adult?diet for breeding female? Special feeding methods? I appreciate all your feedback:)
  16. Alphakenc

    To the new people of the forum!

    Hello everyone...Im spanking new in this forum n Im loving all the info I can absorb...please feel free to share all ur knowledge with me ...and may all the tortoise power be with all of us.:)
  17. Alphakenc

    Hamm Germany Reptile Show

    I love the chameleon n tortoise pics,thank u for sharing with us.
  18. Alphakenc

    Making new outdoor enclosure

    Yes i can see ur post :)
  19. Alphakenc

    Happy Birthday, Changa!

    Happy Birthday to whoever u are n many more happy life to come
  20. Alphakenc

    Hurricane season begins tomorrow

    Hope everyone is in the safe situation n stay dry.