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    2020 leopard tortoises available

    I have 13 hatchling leopard tortoises (P. pardalis babcocki) available. The largest are about 3 months old and the smallest are 2-3 weeks old. All of them have been raised in a closed chamber with high heat and humidity to help give them the best growth possible. They receive frequent soaks and...
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    Tree identification

    The other day I noticed this tree in the yard, and I thought it looked like it might be some type of mulberry (the leaves look very similar to a mulberry that I purchased a few years ago). While I have multiple degrees in biology- botany is not something that I ever took or know much about. So I...
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    What locale do you think?

    Most of my tortoise experience has pertained to African and Asian species, but recently I got a few redfoot tortoises. I think I have a “regular” and a cherry head. I was able to find a few other threads where people asked this question, and they were very informative, but I do not want to...
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    2019 hatch leopard tortoises

    I have 6 leopard tortoise hatchlings for sale. Asking $150 each, plus shipping. I am also willing to meet within a reasonable distance of Augusta, GA. These guys are 2-3 months old. Please PM for more information.
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    3 eggs at once!

    I just saw @Sterant ’s post about his bowsprit tortoise laying two eggs at once. So I thought I would finally post this photo. A few weeks ago I had a pancake tortoise lay three eggs. It was the individual on the left in this photo. She is the only female in the enclosure, so they all had to...
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    Since I was looking up research articles...

    Since I was looking up research articles, I thought I would post these two that my faculty advisor wrote about Galapagos tortoises.
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    So you want to see the birds?

    As @Tom mentioned in my intro thread- I am also a falconer. I have been in falconry for about 8 or 9 seasons. I started with red tailed hawks, which are great here in the Southeast. We hunt mostly squirrels, and red tails are the perfect tool. More recently my wife, who is also a falconer, and I...
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    Time to introduce myself

    Well- after the events of last night- I figured it was time to finally start my own thread and introduce myself. My name is Wade and I live in the lovely hot and humid state of Georgia. Last night at about 7:30 I noticed that my female leopard tortoise was acting funny. So I go outside (I had...