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  1. Loohan

    big old RES(?) in middle of road

    I've been here 25 years almost and the only turtles i've seen are boxies and snappers. But today i cam across this old slider parked in the road. Is it an RES? I left it in a little pool of water on the side of the road it was facing. Note damage to back of shell. It was apparently hit many...
  2. Loohan

    mysterious demise of a snapping turtle

    In 2017 i had a pond made, about 2/3 acre. It has very little vegetation yet, in fact only a few stems sticking out this early in the year. It does have minnows i got started last year. I didn't expect it to support turtles yet. This morning i noticed this critter floating by the shore. No rigor...
  3. Loohan

    Strange insect party; multiple species

    Any entomologists aboard? This is the base of a white oak with some poison ivy, etc. For days i have been noticing all these bugs swarming noisily around this spot: yellow hornets plus bald-faced hornets, houseflies, horseflies, butterflies, and some smaller flies or something. I have no idea...
  4. Loohan

    big wild lizard, Portugal

    A friend in Portugal saw this guy which he says was a meter long. He says they call them Sardao:
  5. Loohan

    bear cub track or what?

    Just noticed this this morning. Maybe a dwarf sasquatch?
  6. Loohan

    thermostat for heat panel question

    I've been considering radiant heat panels. The manufacturer recommends special fancy thermostats for them. Aside from the fact that these 'stats are expensive, i have some concern they may generate dirty electricity. Do people find these heat panels work well with regular thermostats?
  7. Loohan

    CHE overheated remarkably

    I had a 50W Fuxin CHE, the kind with the flared 9cm diameter on a stem. It got so hot it scorched the newspaper i unscrewed it with a short while after turning it off. Only a couple minutes later did it occur to me to get a temp read on it and it was still like 450 F! Of course it was on a...
  8. Loohan

    Arkansas Roadrunner

    This friendly bird has been hopping around my place for days. Arkansas roadrunners are a different type than what i used to see in TX. At 0:25 in above vid you can hear the ratchet-like sound they make. He seems...
  9. Loohan

    Any bird experts here?

    Yesterday i heard a little squeal or chirp and saw a small brown animal in my houytuynia vines in front of my cabin. Then later got a view of her body. At first i thought she must have a nest with eggs in the vines she was warning me to be careful of, but now i think she might be some juvenile...
  10. Loohan

    Speckled King Snake Small Speckled King Snake was on my path. I came back with a camera and took some still pix as it moved away from me but then it turned back toward me and i started videoing. King snakes are not poisonous, and they eat poisonous snakes. Woodpecker...
  11. Loohan

    pointy-nosed snapping turtle

    Isn't this nose a bit long for a Common Snapping Turtle? Found in the Ozarks. He had leeches.
  12. Loohan

    mowed a boxie

    I ran over a boxie today, instantly shredding it to bits of flesh and shell.:( In retrospect, i could have done things a bit differently. I have a small clear area of my property that i mow 2-3 times a year to keep the brambles from taking over. As a result it has dense grass (including rye...
  13. Loohan

    ipomoea leaf ID (challenging!)

    I am posting this here as this is not a question relating to potential turtle food (i don't think). I live in N Central Arkansas and have seen a few of these vines in years past, but suddenly there is an explosion of them all over one area and i am just curious what it is. Seems to be ipomoea...
  14. Loohan

    Great white shark choked to death on turtle it was trying to eat No mention of what happened to the turtle afterward. Probably got ate too.
  15. Loohan

    another big fat black rat snake (vid)

    This guy is not one i have seen before. For reference, that is 2X4 inch welded wire he slithers past. Previously i have posted about others at
  16. Loohan

    wild pair sunbathing Feb DC area

    I'm visiting my mom in N VA and was hiking in a local park. It was mid-50s and somewhat hazy but i spotted these 2 critters in a shallow suburban creek: This is the best pic i could get with the old 4X zoom camera i had with me. I didn't want to get close and spook them.
  17. Loohan

    Californian law change means pet shops can sell only rescued animals

    I am not normally enthused about increased government control and laws but this one applies only to pet shops. Reptiles next?
  18. Loohan

    little frogs on basil

    I photographed these guys several hours apart today. There were several on my basil this morning.
  19. Loohan

    need tort species IDed

    A friend in CZ found this guy and somehow i suspect it's not native.
  20. Loohan

    another black rat snake

    Apparently this one had been getting a drink this morning. That is a liquid shipping container that holds irrigation water for my garden. The container has the top cut off.