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  1. mrnewberry

    Temperature Sexing Radiated Tortoises

    I was wondering how successful breeders are with temperature sexing this species? Anybody care to share their experiences or insights?
  2. mrnewberry

    Extinct or Alive’s Forrest Galante using my Knives!

    I recently made a couple of knives for Forrest Galante. From Animal Planet’s Extinct or Alive. Also, the guy who successfully led the expedition to find the once thought extinct Fernandina Island Galapagos Tortoise. Anyway, the knives recently showed up on his Instagram stories.
  3. mrnewberry

    How long should an outdoor enclosure be empty between species

    How long would you guys leave an outdoor enclosure empty after housing a WC species before introducing your precious CB species?
  4. mrnewberry

    Aldabras at the Tulsa Zoo

    I’m up at the Tulsa Zoo. Always love seeing the Aldabras here. One time I got to scratch the big one’s neck (Al). That is what got me hooked. Also, Bob Clark’s female isn’t here anymore.
  5. mrnewberry

    How difficult to get CBW Permit?

    How hard is it to get the federal CBW permit? I saw that it was nearly impossible a couple of years ago. Is that still the case?
  6. mrnewberry

    Burmese Star Winter Housing Questions

    What are you guys using for winter housing or year round housing if you go that route? I am currently using a closed chamber and plan to keep that up for at least their first couple of years. I am especially curious about adult indoor housing. (Planning for the future.) It is hard to find...
  7. mrnewberry

    Burmese Star Tortoise Care Video

    I made a video the other day showing how I am raising my Burmese Star Tortoises. A huge thanks to the people of this forum for posting up the information that helped me to figure out how to care for these amazing tortoises!
  8. mrnewberry

    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    I thought that getting a few Burmese Star Tortoises might calm my Platynota Fever. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe if you guys post some pictures of your Burmese Star Tortoises that will help to ease it?
  9. mrnewberry

    Recently became less anonymous.

    I have been around for almost three years reading and commenting here and there. But, since I recently started a thread about my three Burmese Star Tortoises I thought maybe an introduction was in order. Soooo.... My name is Allen Newberry I am a Knifemaker/Stay at Home Dad. In my 15...
  10. mrnewberry

    3 little platynota

    I have been enjoying everyone’s threads on Burmese star tortoises. So, I thought I might post one myself. Here are my three that I just received from KenS.