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  1. Slow and steady

    This can't be happening (again)?! Warning:tortoise bits

    Ugh. Looks like my flat-plastroned, tiny-tailed female (10 1/2", 4 y/o) just showed me a bit of her man junk the other day. I've read threads where it is suggested that females also flash, but I find no pictures of such. Any chance this isn't exactly what I think it it is? I'm really hoping some...
  2. Slow and steady

    Male leopracata for a female leo

    13" Male leopracata. Gorgeous animal. Eats from your hand, accepts head pets and scratches. Bought as a female and revealed himself to be male, so he (unfortunately) has to go. Looking for a gregarious, outgoing female leopard.
  3. Slow and steady

    What am I???

    Hi All, I'm considering buying this adorable little PP. I was wondering if any of you PP people out there might lend your opinion as to the gender of this one. I know, it's young, but I'm hoping it's one of those that has some glaring obvious detail. I have my opinion, but I don't want...
  4. Slow and steady

    Leopard shaped space in my heart!

    Hello all! I have a lovely, tropical, tortoise-safe back yard in Boca Raton, Florida where my 12 year old leopard female roams freely. We have plenty of room, hides, hibiscus, and sun. If you're looking for a great, loving home for your female leopard, look no further. I'm not a breeder, and...
  5. Slow and steady

    Hello all!

    I'm Dave, and I've been a tortoise lover for life. My avatar is Teejay, my 12 year old leopard female whom I bought as a baby. She had been our (my wife's and mine) only tort up until about two months ago, when we added a trio of redfoots (one male, two females), and a new handsome little...