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  1. Jenna Ryanne

    Tortoise Forum on Reddit

    Hi guys! I am fairly new to this community, but I am already amazed by the wealth of knowledge and support that Tortoise Forum supplies, especially for new tortoise owners. I recently joined r/tortoise a sub on Reddit and was curious if anyone on this site was also a member there. Unfortunately...
  2. Jenna Ryanne

    Tortoise Always Hides When He’s Outdoors

    Hi guys! I have a couple of questions about my Russian tortoise (Peetrie) and spending time outdoors. My tortoise is about 10 months old and up until this point has stayed in his terrarium indoors. I have wanted him to have an enclosure outdoors as well, but unfortunately the backyard to my...
  3. Jenna Ryanne

    Basking bulb not hot enough?

    Hello! My husband and I are setting up the enclosure for our future Russian tortoise hatchling, and we are having trouble getting adequate temps in the basking spot. Right now the temps are reading at an even 90 degrees. I read on multiple forum posts though that the temps need to be between 95...
  4. Jenna Ryanne

    Soon-to-be tortoise owner

    Hello! My name is Jenna, and I live in Hanford, CA. My husband is going to buy me a Russian tortoise hatchling for my birthday, and we are both extremely excited. We have never owned a tortoise before, so we are doing a bunch of research to make sure we are as knowledgeable as possible before we...