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  1. Sa Ga

    D3 supplement drops--to use or not to use?

    I live in MN where sunlight/being outdoors is available about 3 weeks a year....(Well ok, more like 3.5....) I saw D3 supplement drops for babies (human), and I was wondering if that might be helpful? Also, I think @Tom , you had mentioned some mineral supplement you use. What is it and where...
  2. Sa Ga

    Morla's carrier cooler

    I can't remember which thread asked me to post pics of her cooler bag I use for transporting Morla, my Russian tort. If someone will remind me, I'll happily post these pics there too so those asking will see it for sure! I put a typical 16.9 oz (0.5 L) water bottle next to and in it so you can...
  3. Sa Ga

    Tortie "Soup" for the Quarantined Soul these times of worry, madness, and boredom, we could certainly use a pick-me-up! What better than some happy, silly, adorable tales/pics of our fave cold-blooded heart-warmers? Please share any happy tort stories/pics to whittle away the time and remind us that happiness really is...
  4. Sa Ga

    Is tea safe for a Russian tort?

    I thought tannins and caffeine are bad for torts. But I've read of people feeding their torts tea bag contents. This would be a great way to possibly vary Morla's diet! Are there certain teas that are safe? (like natural, whole leaf vs cheap Lipton bags)? Should it be just soaked with cool...
  5. Sa Ga

    Emo Tortoise?

    @Tom , I'm using a Reptisun tube UVB light. (10.0) I don't even know what that means... Where do i get an HO tube bulb, and are they ALL UVB, or do i have to find an HO bulb marked UVB specifically?
  6. Sa Ga

    Does your tortie cuddle?

    I have my Russian tort, Morla, whom I rescued last Sept (2019). I was told anywhere from these torts should not be handled to they can love human attn. I decided to try the latter.... She is a VERY relatively people-friendly girl--she never really pulls in when anyone touches her (though she...
  7. Sa Ga

    Curtis is home! Partaaaaay!

    I promised a virtual party, Curtis, so here's to your homecoming!!! Raise a soaking dish to our tort of the hour! 🎊 @TechnoCheese !🐢 Most honorary mention @vladimir ! ❤ Morla in her festive best! Y'all, join in! Let's see those torties!!! @ZEROPILOT @Yvonne G @Tom @Cathie G @maggie18fan...
  8. Sa Ga

    Mazuri vs Zoo Med?

    Initially, I'd bought both to see which Morla liked more. Luckily, she hated them both equally.... As I continued to learn about Russian tort diets, I noticed Mazuri had higher protein--something I thought was supposed to be avoided. (And given her chronic kidney disease, I definitely must...
  9. Sa Ga

    Nose nuzzles and eskimo kisses

    I have a Russian tort, Morla, who is the absolute sunshine of my life! I've read that torts aren't meant to be handled, but Morla seems to love cuddling, beyond just a source of warmth. (The other day, she left her fave spot on her pet heating pad to crawl across and sleep on my chest.) One...
  10. Sa Ga

    Microchipping and/or "collar ID" ideas?

    I have been contemplating ways to have some sort of SAFE ID on my Russian Tort, Morla, much like one does for their dogs. (I have both for my dogs so that people know to look for a microchip.) Does anyone know if it is possible to microchip a tort and put a "collar" (readily visible ID of some...
  11. Sa Ga

    dark brown urine

    I am brand new as of tonight! This is a wonderful forum and it has been an indispensable resource for me with my new Russian tort rescue adoptee, Morla. She's est at about 10 yrs old and I've had her for 1.5 months now. I took her to a general check up and fecal test when I first got her, and...