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  1. orgetorix

    Vegetable scraps

    Try to feed my 4-year-old desert tortoise as broad a mix as possible. Right now the diet consists of about 50% spring minor similar, 25% cactus pads and 25% local weeds. I’d like to mix in some of my dinner vegetable scraps but am a bit unsure what should definitely be avoided. Generally what I...
  2. orgetorix

    Is this a thistle?

    Hello, I am cleaning out a ton of weeds and vines from my garden this weekend. Everything seems to be a vine that I pretty sure isn’t edible and this weed which appears to be some sort of thistle, which I’m pretty sure is. Ok to feed?
  3. orgetorix

    Tortoises don't want to use new hide

    Hello. I have had a pair of DTs housed together (I know, I know) for 3 years. So far, so good. In that time, I've had a few different hides for them, ranging from a cardboard box to a LEGO hut to their most recent hide, the bottom of a plastic trashcan with a hole cut in the side. Every...
  4. orgetorix

    New baby tortoise ID

    Hello all. I need an ID on this baby tortoise. A coworker of mine accidentally stepped on it in the middle of a hardware store. No one there claimed ownership so she kept it. The tortoise seems to be doing well, but I'd like to help her get it started on the right path or help her adopt it...
  5. orgetorix

    Herpstat Probes

    Hello all, I just purchased a Herpstat 4 and would like some ideas on where/how to install the probes. I'm trying to make sure the installation looks clean and that there aren't wires running everywhere. To start, how and where are probes typically placed? I'm thinking of using it to control...
  6. orgetorix

    Animal plastics instructions

    Hello. I am finally about to construct my animal plastics cage this weekend, and I cannot for the life of me find the instructions. If somebody has them handy, can they please post them here? I seem to recall it being just a single page of type text. Thanks in advance!
  7. orgetorix

    What percentage of hibiscus / rose etc.?

    Hello, I have a quick food question regarding a desert tortoise. I feed mostly the grocery store spring mix and supplement when I can with local weeds, cactus pads, and other greens such as dandelion greens and msutard greens. Recently Icam across an pretty much unlimited supply of rose...
  8. orgetorix

    Animal Plastics LIghting Suggestions

    Hello, while I wait for my AP cage, I was hoping to get some advice regarding lighting. The enclosure will be 84"Lx30"Dx24"H. I hope to have the UV mounted approx. 18" above substrate. What kind of output do I need? Also, for incandescent fixtures, how many and at what placement? I was...
  9. orgetorix

    Unappealing tortoise-safe plants

    Hello. I have a question regarding plants, especially for an indoor enclosure that I could not find a good answer to. Can anyone suggest any plants that are completely tortoise-safe plants and unappetizing? I have tried a few different plants, all on the tortoise table's "good" list and they...
  10. orgetorix

    Animal Plastics Enclosure Stand

    Hello. For those of you with an AP enclosure or similar, what do you use for a stand? I was thinking of trying to DIY one out of wood or black pipe for a more industrial look, but was wondering if there was a source I might be overlooking.
  11. orgetorix

    Aeonium decorum?

    Hi all. I have this growing in a pot in my backyard. Some photos look like Aeonium decorum and others some type of Echeveria. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  12. orgetorix

    Misting/Soaking Subtrate

    I have read through the archives a bit but haven't seen my exact question asked or answered. In an attempt to keep the humidity up for my baby CDT, I occasionally pour water in the substrate (orchid bark & coco cuir). It seems to be working fine, but I'd like to automate the system a bit. Has...
  13. orgetorix


    Hello. This popped up in a lot in the backyard. Looks to me like a dandelion but I want to make sure it’s safe.
  14. orgetorix

    Light/Temp/Humidity Evaluation

    Hello, I am looking for some evaluation on my lighting, heating and humidity setup for my baby CDT indoor enclosure (36"L x 18"W x 12"H). Thank you for reading this lengthy post. Right now, my lighting consists of a 24" HO T5 fixture with an Arcadia 12% and 6.5k Daylight bulb about 9" over the...
  15. orgetorix

    Little Piggies

    This is five minutes after adopting these little guys. I'm happy they have great appetites. Still dialing in their enclosure, but I'm almost there.
  16. orgetorix

    Plant IDs

    I am interested in harvesting some wild plants for my CDTs from the large open wild area behind my house. I went on a walk and snapped some pics of various plants. I have tried to ID them and have come across a couple already. If anyone knows if any of these are safe, I'd sure appreciate it...
  17. orgetorix

    Super quick baby desert tortoise indoor enclosure

    Hello. I cam across this forum as a result of my searching on baby desert tortoise care. My neighbor is moving and taking her adult tortoises with her. last year, she had about 6 unexpected hatch lings show up in the backyard. Since then, they've lived outside (Southern California)...