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  1. shawnateerow

    Cant find if this is safe or not anywhere!! Help?

    Anyone know if this is safe for torts? I have looked it up by all the names
  2. shawnateerow

    Pictures inside yellow bumps

    Here are a couple pics of the bacteria killing our babies. My vet took a sample from Bonnie's granuloma and put it in a slide under a microscope, just thought I would share!
  3. shawnateerow

    Help! Bonnie is starting to decline😫

    I brought Bonnie with me to work because ill be sleeping here the next 2 nights doing hurricane relief. Shes getting worse. Her weight wS staying 34-37 g, mostly 35. Yesterday was 32. Eyes open closed alot the last couple days, she's lacking energy because she can't eat enough. She will only eat...
  4. shawnateerow

    Adopting a sulcata!!

    Posting because I'm too excited/nervous to keep it in! A friend of my husband has an adult sulcata and is giving it up for adoption, so of course I said yes!!! Oh lord I'm nervous😳😳 but his name is shellman and he's a cutie😁😍 does he look good and healthy?
  5. shawnateerow

    Yellow bump update!

    So I managed to find another vet in town that deals with exotics through my regular vet and I was more than pleased with this guy. The moment I said "yellow bumps" he knew exactly what I was talking about. He has raised and bred sulcatas for years, and has a lot of personal experience with it...
  6. shawnateerow

    Baby sulcata bottom beak fell off😳

    Thank God for this forum because I just had a small heart attack. I was in the midst of feeding her with a dropper as I have been because she has been unable to eat with her beak crooked, and her bottom beak just fell off I have seen a few other posts about this and to my surprise she's more...
  7. shawnateerow

    As a new member/new tortie mom..

    First off, I want to thank everyone who has given me helpful advice on is a godsend❤ unlike many on here, I am brand new to this and learning quickly as I go. I work 70+ hours a week, take care of 5 furbabies, and every other waking moment has been researching for and take care of my 3...
  8. shawnateerow

    Suggestions for making baby food for baby sulcata

    One of my baby sulcatas has some issues..trying to help. Ive had her for about a month and today she is 36 grams. I only figured out last week that she's unable to eat..i think it is due to her jaw being misaligned :( I started feeding her low sugar jar baby food 2/3 mixed with 1/3 water through...
  9. shawnateerow

    Zoo med reptibark?

    I'm currently using 3co earth coco coir substrate and looking for something safe to add to it for my sulcata babies. Reviews on reptibark?
  10. shawnateerow

    Sulcata baby skin issue/ help?

    my baby sulcata has had what looks like a small scab on his cheek since on got him, but seems to have gotten worse. What could I use to help him heal? Also, he had a small bump on his skin fold on the back of his neck that kind of looked like a little ant bite. It has gotten bigger and is hard...