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  1. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    Thanks all! I haven't had much experience with wild-caught specimen. I know they usually have shell growth imperfections but I wasn't sure what was considered "normal" versus unhealthy.
  2. agnes&theo

    tortoise first aid kit

    This is awesome!! I also have a baby generator in case of a long-term black out/no power situation in addition to my hand warmers...but I'm kind of extra haha.
  3. agnes&theo

    acquaintance's tortoise looks bad ... thoughts?

    A recent acquaintance got a Russian tortoise from a pet store on a whim (yeah) two months ago. No idea the age, though not a hatchling. The tortoise has been inside a 50-gallon tank with a UVB and fed romaine, bok choy, and kale (we already had a chat about improving the nutrition). But her...
  4. agnes&theo

    Buzzing with the ZooMed Powersun H.I.D. Bulb

    I just bought a new ZooMed Powersun H.I.D. bulb for my tortoise table after reading some good things about it for both UVB and heating. However, when I plugged it in it makes an odd buzzing noise. My other bulbs never made these kinds of noises. Is this normal? Has anyone else with this bulb...
  5. agnes&theo

    Tortoise biting his own skin

    We have a female of the same age waiting to be moved in with them, she's still in her quarantine period. Do you prefer the glass terrarium setups?
  6. agnes&theo

    Tortoise biting his own skin

    He's in a large open top table with one other tortoise of the same species and age. There hasn't been any bullying behavior and if anything he's the more aggressive personality. He's still very active, interested in food, and active outside when it's warm enough for them to play in the yard. (I...
  7. agnes&theo

    Tortoise biting his own skin

    4-year-old Burmese Star tortoise has been biting his own front legs, not drawing blood, but in a mildly aggressive manner. He's extremely friendly and is not aggressive towards other tortoises in their table. We took him to our vet. X-rays were negative for arthritis and joint problems that...
  8. agnes&theo

    3-5 YO Burmese Star WANTED

    Hi all. I am looking for a three to five-year-old adult Burmese Star tortoise to add to my two that I already own. Must be healthy however sex doesn't matter.
  9. agnes&theo

    Diarrhea in 4YO Burmese Star

    Just wanted to send an update. I was able to be worked into our zoo vet the next day. Our male was positive for an overgrowth of flagellates and a few types of other worms. We think he got it from grazing outside or from some produce. He (and his mate) are on a treatment of Metronidazole...
  10. agnes&theo

    hibiscus grow in northeast

    I'm growing two rose for sharon bushes out of pots in my apartment and they're doing great for right now. I got them from our botanical garden and I was told they can grow out of pots for the first couple years if you trim them correctly. My tortoises are loving the leaves!
  11. agnes&theo

    Looking to adopt tortoises near Greenville, SC.

    Hey there. Greenville resident! I'd check out Greenville SC Exotic Animal Rescue on Facebook. They're really amazing people and usually have a ton of reptiles, though I'm not sure if they have any tortoises at this time. Good luck on your adoption.
  12. agnes&theo

    Diarrhea in 4YO Burmese Star

    Hi everyone. My four year old, male Burmese Star tortoise has had diarrhea that I found in their enclosure. We cleaned him up and he drank some water in the bath for dehydration and was awake, alert, and wanted to run around and eat. His tail was all matted in poop though. There was no...