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    Egyptian tortoise Looking to trade Male for a female

    I will let you know price as soon as I get more info
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    Egyptian tortoise Looking to trade Male for a female

    3 yrs old 147 grams and 3.75 inch
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    Male kleinmanni

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    Male kleinmanni

    I have a male Kleinmanni for sale. 3 years old 147 grams 3.75 inches. If you are interested DM for pics etc.
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    Male Kleinmanni

    I will be offering one of my male egyptian tortoises for sale. It will be in the for sale section. I’m just posting here so you guys know about it first.
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    Kleinmanni care sheet/info

    A woman in one of the FB groups I’m in posted a really nice write up. I wanted to share it. It is very informative. It’s a pretty recent...
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    How to keep humidity in?

    I think that if you spray the carapace 3 times a day with water and do daily soaks, you will have no problems at all until you fix the current problem.
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    Tortoise woke from hibernation then died

    I dont have any experience in hibernating. But, there are many stories about dead looking tortoises that arent dead. Im not trying to give you false hope here. But, are you 100% that it died? Im just asking.
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    The Tortoise Chef

    thank you - so if i just put a few plants in the enclosure and let them decide if they want to eat it, that should be an ok idea? Or can they over indulge on their own?
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    The Tortoise Chef

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    The Tortoise Chef

    Sorry if you have already covered this, but are my jade plant leaves safe to feed to my tortoises?
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    solarmeter best use

    That is my point. It doesnt matter what you do to cause them to spend more time in the hides. Whether you use higher temps, brighter lights or high UV levels, it doesnt matter. Its just a trigger to get them into the hides. And if you combine that with a hide that is comfortably humid for them...
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    solarmeter best use

    Also, the humidity i provide will only come from water dishes, humidifying the tortoise room and water filled terra cotta saucers. My experience with foggers is terrible.
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    solarmeter best use

    My guess is the forced estivation is the reason they are getting smoother shells. If they have a 3 month period where they are staying in a humid hide 95% of the day and out of any UV/Basking areas, this could easily be the reason why they are getting smoother shells in general. After speaking...
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    Group Growth Over Time

    look great so far
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    radiata hatchlings in illinois

    Looking for info about Radiata breeders in Illinois
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    Any Radiata KEEPERS Interested in Adding Their Name to our State List???

    does anyone know of a way to get a radiated in Illinois?
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    Enclosure advice/tips for hatchling Burmese Star Tortoise

    If you are raising baby burmese, you should look at how mark has setup his smart enclosures. Looks like yours is very well functioning also.