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    Where Should I Place the Humidity/Temp Sensor in My Enclosure?

    I’m having some trouble trying to decide where the temp/humidity sensor should go in my enclosure. Over the last 6 months, I’ve had it on the log, in the corner, on the wall, but now I just set it down on the substrate near the wall. Any recommendations for accurate readings? Thank you :)!
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    I’m noticing the growth on my tortoise isn’t “smooth”. Is this normal?

    My 9-month old Russian tortoise is growing quickly and I’ve noticed that his shell isn’t perfectly smooth. I’ve never owned a tortoise before so I don’t know what to expect but is it normal for his shell to have lots of lines and look a bit rough/ridged as shown in the pics? I’m not referring to...
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    Is this light fine for my enclosure?

    I’ve been using this UVB light for my enclosure and it seems like it has been doing great for my 7-month old Russian tortoise. However, I just wanted some feedback on what you guys think about this UVB light?
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    General Check-Up

    Hi everybody, I just wanted to show a few photos of my Russian tortoise (approx. 7-8 months old) and receive some feedback on how the health of my tortoise is looking. I admittedly purchased this tortoise rather young (4 months) as I was unable to find an adult captive-bred tortoise for sale...
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    My Baby Tortoise's Outdoor Enclosure Does Not Trap Humidity. Now What?

    I have a six month old Russian Tortoise that has primarily been indoors within a closed chamber enclosure to help maintain proper humidity and temps. I want to take my tortoise outside, but the outdoor enclosure I have is open-top. Does humidity matter if my baby tortoise is outside for a bit...
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    Is my tortoise a male or female?

    I’m interested to know what sex my 5-month old Russian Tortoise is (if it’s possible to determine right now)
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    Can I take my baby Russian Tortoise outside?

    I have a Zoo Med 3x2 tortoise enclosure outside that I’d like to put my tortoise in (has a hidden private area for shade and 4-6 inches of Coco fiber). However, it’s been getting a bit chilly here in the Bay Area, California. The average temps are about 64 F everyday where I’m at. Would I still...
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    Are my humidity readings accurate?

    Where is the ideal spot to put my humidity reader? It’s been at 99% for a while after I sprayed down my enclosure. The device itself is dry, but the reading has remained at 99% which I doubt is correct. Where is a good spot to place it for accurate readings?
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    What alternative options do I have?

    I recently upgraded this new enclosure to help keep the proper humidity levels for my 4-month old Russian tortoise. It’s great, but the metal top screen absorbs about 30% of the heat or so it seems. My heating/basking bulb now only reaches about 88-90f as opposed to 95-100f like it used to from...
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    Why is high humidity important?

    I'm just curious as to why it's important that young tortoises have high-humidity enclosures. Also, would frequent soaking be a good way to make up for a lack of proper humidity? I'm struggling to find information on how the two work hand-in-hand.
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    Would I be able to trap humidity in here?

    I am upgrading the enclosure for my 4-month old Russian tortoise to a 6ft x 2ft space by putting together two Zoo Med Tortoise House’s. The only issue is that they are mostly open-top and I suspect there will be issues with retaining humidity. I want to make sure that I get my humidity in check...
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    How is a Russian tortoise supposed to behave?

    I just got my Russian tortoise and I’m a bit confused on what to expect from it. Are they fairly active during the day? Are they eating often? Are they mainly in one spot all day? I ask this because my new tortoise has been staying in a single spot under my fake plant all day and doesn’t seem to...
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    White Poop?

    Hello! I just purchased my captive-bred 4 month old Russian Tortoise yesterday from what seemed to be a reputable local business. This morning, while giving it its 15-minute soak, he pooped out what seemed to be a rather dry-looking poop. Does this seem normal? I’m assuming it’s a sign of...