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    Supplementary feeding Vitamins Mazuri UK relevant

    I’m looking to improve my Horsefield’s dietary intake. Currently I feed a mix of weeds, grasses and plants which is topped up with supermarket greens over the winter period. I sprinkle calcium 2-3 times weekly. Our tortoise is 2.5yr old. So my question is, UK relevant, what vitamins do people...
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    Containing the heat and humidity (UK)

    For a while now I’ve been looking at ways to enclose my open top table, in order to maintain some humidity and night time heat. I use a CHE overnight as my lounge gets cold at night (less than 18deg) and I don’t want to have the central heating on 24/7. I damp down the substrate twice weekly...
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    Uvb strip light

    Hi I’ve just switched over from the combination uva/uvb MVB to separate basking and uvb strip light (t5 12% Arcadia). I’m in the north of UK so no outside time for 2yr old tortoise at the moment as it’s too cold but wanting to just double check how many hours you’d recommend leaving the uvb...
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    We have a 2 yr old Horsfield that we’ve had for just over one yr now. I’m very conscious that her shell isn’t as smooth as I’d hope and have read the care sheet for the breed. I’m installing a uv strip light today and just waiting for the postman to deliver a thermostat (for CHE at night) which...
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    Need guidance re Horsfield Tortoise

    I’ve just joined the forum today for advice and guidance re our Horsfield tortoise. I believe Tortilla is a female and we think should be approaching her 2nd birthday in October. My main concern is her shell appears to be pyramiding though when I compare it to photos from when we acquired her...