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    Sexing Russian Tortoise

    Hi, I purchased a russian tortoise around 2 years old from an exotic specialist store. I was originally told that he was a male however, i have taken him for a check up at a vet today which has an exotic specialist department and they have informed me that he is in fact a female. Could anyone...
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    Is my tortoise healthy?

    Hi, I own a male Russian tortoise who is around three and a half years old. His shell is around 7-8cm long and around 6cm wide. Im worried that he is too small for his age. Could someone please give me some advice if he is too small and whether he looks healthy in the pics ive taken? Thanks
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    Russian Tortoise has Lump

    Hi, My Russian tortoise is around 3 years old and he has recently developed a lump in the corner of his mouth (as seen in pictures). Apart from the lump he is healthy and active and still eats regularly. Can anyone suggest what this lump could be please? Thanks