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    Heating for my Cherry Heads

    I have to cherry headed tortoises. They live in an 8ft long x 4ft wide pen with 3 or 4 ft high walls. I am having a difficult time keeping the temperature above 77degrees F even under the heat emitters; I have three and they are spread down the length of the pen. Do any of you have suggestions...
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    bioactive substrate

    I'm about to build a bioactive set up for my cherry heads. I have two questions about the substrate. 1. What is the best 2. Does it need a drainage layer
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    Safe fruit and veg for cherry headed tortoises

    Hey everyone! I have had no luck in finding a good complete list of safe fruits and veggies for my cherry heads. Everyone kind of just says "feed chopped fruit," or "most fruit is safe" or stuff like that. I want to make sure that I don't feed them anything harmful but that they still get...
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    Three Toed Box Turtle Hibernation

    I am wondering about hibernating in these turtles that live inside. Do they have to hibernate if they are inside? Do I need to put them in the fridge or should I just lower and eventually stop heating their cage and let them do their thing? Amy info you have would be much appreciated 😊
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    My Tortoises Aren't Eating Much

    Hey Everyone, I got my cherry headed tortoises a week ago, and they really aren't eating much. Each day they only a couple small pieces of spring mix greens, boiled egg, dandelion greens, and chopped fruit. It may sound like a lot, but, when I go to get rid of un eaten food, there is barely a...
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    Hey everyone, I'm new to tortoises and need advice.

    Ok... So I recently rescued two cherry headed tortoises. Normally I wouldn't get any new animal before I am confident in their care, but the timing for this adoption didn't workout that way. I have been researching like crazy, and I feel mostly confident except for night time heating. I have...