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  1. Viola B

    New owner - Russian Tort

  2. Viola B

    Do tortoises feel emotion?

    I can relate to this!
  3. Viola B

    Where should I get my tortoise

    I bought my Russian tortoise from Carol S. It is doing great. You can get a hold of her on this forum. She does a wonderful job of caring for the little hatchlings!
  4. Viola B

    Spider in enclosure?

    We have Hobo spiders here. They live in the ground, making tunnels. They are mean and aggressive. I do worry about them and are trying to keep them out of the out door enclosure.
  5. Viola B

    Planting in an enclosure

    I agree with Yvonne. Veggies would be hard to grow in enclosure with the light. Why not grow them in pots and then when big enough put the pots in your enclosure. I have an African Violet, spider plant, and prayer plant planted in pots planted in substrates. Easy to take care of that way. I do...
  6. Viola B

    Newbie owner of Russian Tortoise!

    Welcome to the forum. Best place to get correct information.
  7. Viola B

    New Russian Tortoise Owner

    Welcome! This is a great forum with wonderful information.
  8. Viola B

    Lethargic horsfield

    Best of lucky with your new one.
  9. Viola B

    How to winter a tort?

    Merlina is going to be on the big end of a female Russian. She weighs 407 gs. She is sleeping at the moment, but the last time I measured her she was 4 and a half inches. That was in Aug.
  10. Viola B

    How to winter a tort?

    So glad you have your little Russian tortoise. They are so enjoyable. My Merlina, is now 17 mos old and is one of Carol,s babies.
  11. Viola B

    Mercury Vapor Bulbs for UVB and Basking

    I agree, it would be very interesting to see what a meter would read under these bulbs.
  12. Viola B

    Greek? Russian? or??? And many other questions

    it is lucky for the tortoise that you took her in and are caring for her. This forum has very good and up to date information. It will help you greatly with the care of the tortoise. Hope you will be safely back in your home soon. .
  13. Viola B

    power outage...

    I use the coconut coir as my substrates with some fir bark in part of the enclosure. I like it. I keep it damp and it works great for me. I think we all over think at the beginning. I certainly did! You will do fine. You care and are here on this forum. It is a learning experience for sure. I...
  14. Viola B

    New Russian Tortoise - Need Help with Heating

    My husband made it for me and I am not sure what all he used. You can see my enclosure under, "New Add On To Enclosure". I know it is out of wood that was sealed and painted. All safe to use for tortoise.
  15. Viola B

    New Russian Tortoise - Need Help with Heating

    Welcome! This is a great forum for correct information. Everyone is wanting to be helpful to you and your tortoise. There isn't one way to build an 8 x 4 ft enclosure, as long as you have that 32 Sq ft. Mine is long and in an L shape, others may be more rectangle. It is up to what will fit in...
  16. Viola B

    Russian confused??

    Please listen to Toms good advise. He knows what he is talking about.
  17. Viola B

    Russian confused??

  18. Viola B

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    Thank you all for this very interesting discussion on lighting. A big thank to Markw84 for all the wonderful information on lighting. I have learned a lot. This forum is wonderful!
  19. Viola B

    RIP Mikey....

    Sorry to hear of your loss. There are good breeders on this forum of Russian torts. Look up under "for sale". I got mine from Carol S .