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    Calcium/vitamin supplements

    Hello, I have a juvenile Hermanns tortoise that we’ve owned for about a month now. She has settled in nicely and is eating well. I mainly feed her dandelion greens, clover, kale, romaine lettuce, bit of pepper, plantain and lambs lettuce at the moment. I have offered a few other plants from...
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    Meet Cuddles Piggy Porker

    Hi! I am new to the forum and have just got my first Hermanns tortoise. She is called Cuddles Piggy Porker! My children named her of course, the poor thing. She seems to be settling in well and eats beautifully including out of our hands which is the cutest thing. My only question is, is it...
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    Brand new to tortoise keeping and want advice

    Hello, I’m a looking at getting a tortoise and want some advice. I know some basics about tortoises as I’m a veterinary nurse but mainly deal with companion animals (cats/dogs/rabbits) rather than exotics so we don’t see them all that often. I want to do some research first and check we are...