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  1. DeanS

    Tort Stork Instahatch

    Check out this story...
  2. DeanS

    NEW VIDEO! Mean Machine soaking!A war

    It may be 70º but the solarmeter reads it's back to outdoor soaks for the Mean Machine!
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    Here's the new video I did Sunday...featuring the MEAN MACHINE! Pardon the banter...I'm delirious with the flu! Enjoy!
  4. DeanS

    New video up today featuring MONSTRO!

    I've decided to start promoting my animals on YouTube! Today my 13 year old son Vincent and I did a four minute presentation of MONSTRO! eating cactus pad! Feel free to view and like and comment!
  5. DeanS

    Meet Ripley...and how she truly lives up to her name!

    Everyone has called this one ALIEN EYES ever since her arrival! Well... four days ago my daughter named 'her' Ripley! Two days ago...she proved her right to that name. Any ALIEN fan would know Ripley spent a considerable amount of time in Cryochambers! I was rushing to take off for...
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    Hey everyone! Bob Blome listed thirty extra scuted Sudanese sulcata's the link!
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    THE DIRTY (HALF) DOZEN: Ground-hatched Pardalis pardalis from Tom...a NEW experiment

    A couple weeks back I went to pick up the ground hatched sulcatas from Tom...and came across a newly surfaced leopard nestled up against a retaining wall. I then got it in my head to raise Tom's I picked up these six! I'll do what I do for a year...and they will be raised in...
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    Meet Arliss...(and the rest of the MEAN MACHINE) our newest Sudanese sulcata! Photo HEAVY!

    Guess who just arrived! Meet Arliss! 2.5" and 60 grams
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    Here we go again!

    After a bit of a break from tortoises to concentrate on my 'condas, I found a new source that now owns 9.8 of Brad's giant Sudanese stock! I'll take possession of (at least) one baby by Wednesday. Here's a photo of the parents! Dad is one of the larger animal...between 300 and 325 pounds...
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    For those of you who've NEVER seen GIANT's your chance! Very informative 25 minute video shot at my friend Bob Blome's place! Enjoy!
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    THE REPTILE FORUM Chelonia Personality of the Year! 2015 Awards...Please VOTE!

    What a hoot! Named one of the finalists in The Reptile Report's Chelonia Personality of the Year! If you have a mind to...please consider casting your vote for me! Thanks! Also, TFO is in...
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    The ITs are SOLD!

    I will leave it to a member on this forum...and one of, if not, THE best in the business to announce himself as their new owner! I couldn't be happier as to their new location!
  13. DeanS

    The ITs are FOR SALE!

    It is with great regret that I must sell the ITs! I have just acquired a MAJOR repair bill on my car that cannot be bartered. Immediate sale of the ITs is the ONLY quick cash opportunity I have. The sale price is $4500 for ALL three! They will NOT be separated...and the price is not...
  14. DeanS

    Planting Opuntia Cochenillifera...advice PLEASE!

    I just acquired these variegated beauties and was wondering...the lady that gave them to me twisted them off at the areole! She says they can go right in the ground that way. Is this true? Or should I slice an inch off and let it scar give it more of a rooting base...
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    Season 7 of THE WALKING DEAD to shoot in CLOVIS!

    @Yvonne G did you pull some strings to make this happen?
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    Title says it all! I've posted enough photos here that I can do it in my there a glitch? @Josh or anyone else with the capacity to fix it!
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    OK! I feel like a kid again...just like I did when the JURASSIC PARK was released 22 years ago! I will not spoil this for anyone who hasn't seen it...but this movie is FUN! I like the fact that this film was made as a sequel to the original...totally disregarding those POS goofs Lost World...
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    Hundreds of these things dropped out of nowhere today! Please HELP id!

    The title says it all...remember I'm in the high desert!
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    8 New Babies from TOM! AKA The Bond Girls (maybe)

    So, as most of you are aware, I picked up 8 babies from Tom yesterday! They originated from a breeder in the Valley. Tom collected the eggs for an experiment...20 in total! 14 made it...the others were duds! They started hatching out on April 12. With our hectic schedules...mostly Tom's...
  20. DeanS

    Just What I needed!

    OK...maybe I don't need 'em...but I damn well wanted them! Picked these up from Tom today...aren't they cute! A couple of factors determined me getting them...but I need to delve deeper into the core...I'll explain at a later date! For now...enjoy the teaser!