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    Redfoot infestation

    Yes. I am living the dream. I’m infested with redfoots. A good non-damaging infestation albeit overwhelming. The week leading up to Hurricane Irma I found 17 babies outside. A month later 6 more. I have some older babies too but my question is what do I do with them? It’s looking like I might...
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    One of these Babies is not like the Others

    Do you think it'll stay brown like that or will it eventually darken like the others? I've never had one so light before. :/
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    Found a red foot after Matthew

    My neighbor brought me what she thought was one of my kids today. It's a cutie but not mine. So did any south Palm Beach County folks have an escapee recently?? It's an adult RF.
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    Remote Tortoise watching

    What do you use to keep an eye on your outside tort kids while you're at work or out of town? Security camera? Game cam? Nothing, you worry about their privacy?
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    My Ad on Craigslist

    I just put an ad on Craigslist to sell our 3 yr old sulcata. I've put found ads up before but this is my first for sale. I already have a response within 12 hours. How do I make sure this guy isn't a lunatic, a reseller and that they are telling me the truth? I'm in FL. Any tips? Is there a...
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    Where should we move?

    We need some help. We are looking to get OUT of South FL and in to somewhere in the GA, NC, TN, N FL area say in about 4 years. We have family members building a house in Copperhill TN. I've been in south FL my entire life and have never lived west of I-95. The husband has been here since he...
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    What kind of box turtle is this?

    This little guy turned up at the 4 way stop sign yesterday. I can't tell what he is. He's not a Florida box turtle which would be our native species so he's joined our family for now. He's high energy and doesn't bite. No lost turtle signs up anywhere or on Craig's List.