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  1. Prenchpries

    Sulcata weird movements?

    Hello. Today I soaked my sulcata as I do everyday. Then it started doing this weird dance in a circular motion. I kind of panicked because I thought it was a seizure. But my other guesses as to why it did this are either: 1. Our dog went near it and it got scared? 2. The water might have been...
  2. Prenchpries

    New tort update + enclosure

    Hi tortoise fam! Hope everyone’s been well. Last year, I posted about my poor Ube (sulcata baby) that fell ill and eventually passed after just a month. During my birthday last September, my brother got another sulcata baby. And I’m glad to say, he’s doing really great! It’s been a few weeks...
  3. Prenchpries

    Yellow fungus in baby sulcata

    Hi all, It's been a tough week since Ube started acting sick. We went to a different vet today to get a better diagnosis, thanks to the reco of a family friend who's owned torts for a long time. Sadly, the vet’s diagnosis is yellow fungus, which could’ve come from many sources. I reckon it was...
  4. Prenchpries

    Are warm drafts as bad as cold drafts?

    We know cold drafts are bad for babies. But what about WARM AIR drafts? Thanks!
  5. Prenchpries

    Is my baby sulcata sick?

    Hi everyone! I acquired a baby sulcata named Ube (our native term for purple yam). He was born March 28, 2020 and is currently hovering between 43-48 grams. I’ve always fed him variety since we got him — hibiscus, water spinach, rose, grasses, trefoil, aloe, ferns, lettuce, etc — and give a...