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  1. Kaliman1962

    New Animal Plastics,

    HOLY COW, is all i can say. I ordered a T70, with the specs @Tom told me to get. Unbelievable is all i can say, when i walked into the show to pick it up my mouth dropped at the size, thank god i brought a 15 passenger van. Alli was awesome, the tank is perfect. Highly recommend these tanks to...
  2. Kaliman1962

    Tinley Park Reptile show

    Hey, who is going to the reptile show in Tinley Park Illinois? largest in the midwest. i'm getting my AP tank there,
  3. Kaliman1962

    New Outdoor Enclosure

    so, here is my finish product. used to be a hot tub pad, i add more layers of rock & of course the inside, just adding a little shade, they were in it for over an more yesterday & loved it, i have 3 Leopard tortoises, 2 almost a year, 1 almost 6 months. should last for a long time.
  4. Kaliman1962

    coco coir

    this might be a dumb question, but can anything grow in coco coir?
  5. Kaliman1962

    how does the shell look

    this is my Greek Ibera, will be 2 in July, she is doing well, i think i have done a good job at keeping pyramiding down to a minimum. but she doesn't look flat does she? just curious Thanks
  6. Kaliman1962


    what's the benefits of the torts eating Mazuri?
  7. Kaliman1962

    finally. (now eats Mazuri!!)

    my greek Ibera is almost 2 years old. she finally started eating Mazuri.
  8. Kaliman1962

    New Babies

    Just got my 2 Leopard babies from Barb Wellington on this site. Her tortoises are amazing. I love my babies & look forward to giving them great homes
  9. Kaliman1962


    what substrate do you use for your enclosures? right now i'm using top soil, was thinking of adding bark or coco coir, but i think the dirt is fine.
  10. Kaliman1962

    New habitat

    im making a new habitat for my little guy, it will be 4x4 in my house, my table now I use organic top soil, should I continue with that or is something better? Thanks
  11. Kaliman1962


    anyone have any babies for sale?
  12. Kaliman1962

    barely any posts

    I love this Tortoise site, check it all the time. How come the greek section has barely any action? sulcata forum & redfoot always hopping. do not that many people have greeks? just thought i'd ask
  13. Kaliman1962


    what is your guys opinion, could I house a Greek Ibera with a red Foot? Both would be babies Thank you
  14. Kaliman1962


    Tortellini is 3 month old Ibera Greek, she is up to 54 grams, eating like a pig & likes to be out, what do you think?
  15. Kaliman1962

    My little guy

    here is my little guy. He is a 2 month old Ibera, 36 g's. He is doing great, just wanted to share
  16. Kaliman1962

    anyone have greek babies for sale?an

    anyone have babies for sale?
  17. Kaliman1962

    New outdoor enclosure

    so, we used to have a hot tub, this weekend my wife & I converted the space into an enclosure , my only concern is he is so small right now, i'm afraid I might not find him in there, any suggestions so I know where he is, he cannot get out
  18. Kaliman1962


    I just bought a Zoo Med reptile fogger, have it on low & it's keeping my tank a perfect 80%, not wet, just humid. This what everyone has been saying so just making sure, also, can I shut it off at night or let it run?
  19. Kaliman1962

    4 months old

    my little guy tank is 4 months old today & weighs 76 grams. Is that about where he should be?
  20. Kaliman1962

    Vision Cages/Animal plastic cages

    i have been doing research, these vision cages have great reviews but are expensive, animal plastics a little cheaper 72"X30"X18" for $399, has anyone used these cages? is it better to just build one? i'm not sure what to do cause the cage is expensive. any feedback is well appreciated Thank you